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Bailey Judson

Government Affairs Coordinator
517-487-8552 (phone)
517-853-3352 (fax)

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What Policy Committee Should I Join?

MMA policy committees develop policy direction for the association and provide opportunities for members to interact with policymakers and other members of the regulated manufacturing community. MMA policy committees are manufacturing focused and member driven. The following committees are open to MMA members:

Air Policy Committee
Members determine MMA's environmental air policy priorities and provide direct input into policy development. Meetings also feature direct dialogue with MDEQ air division director and staff.

Employment and Workforce Reform Policy Committee
Focuses on issues related to unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, MIOSHA standards and regulation, workforce development and manufacturing talent initiatives.

Energy Policy Committee
Engages in energy policy development to ensure MMA's energy policy priorities focus on adequate supply, reliability, and economically competitive rates.

Environmental Policy Committee
Members actively monitor water, solid waste, remediation and other environmental issue areas to develop non-air related environmental policy priorities for MMA.  Meetings also feature direct dialogue with MDEQ division leaders and staff.

Government Affairs Policy Committee
Offers opportunities for input on policy direction regarding every major issue impacting Michigan manufacturers. Involvement in this committee provides opportunities to engage with state government officials.

Health Care Policy Committee
Serves as a forum to discuss and provide direction to the MMA Government Affairs team on issues which impact employers' health care costs.

Lawyers Committee (fees may apply)
Drives MMA’s amicus curiae program, taking an active role in major court cases that may impact manufacturers. Ensures that the manufacturing community’s influential voice is heard in the judiciary branch.

Mining and Natural Resource Industries Policy Committee
The MMA Mining Policy Committee addresses the unique challenges faced by the members of the mining and mineral industries.

Tax Policy Committee
Develops MMA's tax policy priorities and provides opportunities for interaction with regulators and manufacturing taxpayers.


Why Should You Participate in MMA Policy Committees?

1. Power in numbers. The more manufacturers involved in the Legislative process, the greater influence manufacturers will have in driving policy changes.

2. Have an Influence. You can influence state-level issues under consideration in Lansing.

3. More information and more opportunities. Committee members receive detailed key issue updates and invitations to engage with lawmakers and legislative leaders.

4. Get involved. Joining a Policy Committee is an easy way to get more involved with MMA and connect with other Manufacturing, HR, Environmental and Legal professionals.