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Hot Issues

MMA's Hot Issues page is where you can find the top priority concerns of our members, who employ over 603,000 men and women working across Michigan. Learn about other issues by contacting MMA's Government Affairs team or joining one of the many MMA Policy Committees dedicated to working on the issues that matter to you.

Check back regularly as our Hot Issues change often and new information is constantly added.


Health Care

MMA Leads HICA Elimination Effort

Rising health care costs are a top concern for Michigan manufacturers, which is why MMA has been actively engaged in the fight to eliminate the Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA) tax. Read more.

Energy Policy

MMA Works to Protect Energy Choice Option

MMA continues to be a major voice in Michigan’s debate over a comprehensive energy policy solution that will allow for a sustainable, cost-effective energy future for manufacturers and the entire Great Lakes State. Read more.

Tax Policy

Harmful Dark Store Legislation Passes House

MMA continues to have significant concerns regarding House Bill 5578 (Representative David Maturen, R-Portage), which was recently passed by the House of Representatives. The bill would amend property valuation methods in Michigan and carry serious ramifications on the valuation of your property. Read more.

Personal Property Tax

Governor Signs Legislation to Streamline PPT Reform

The successful ballot campaign to reform the Personal Property Tax (PPT) last year locked in a $576 million annual tax cut to begin in 2016 for manufacturers. To clarify how businesses apply for the exemptions, Governor Rick Snyder signed new legislation clarifying parts of the original PPT package. Read More.

Employer Issues

Subcommittee Meets to Address UI Fraud Concerns

Unemployment insurance fraud is a top concern for employers. A new House subcommittee met for the first time to begin working to improve the Unemployment Insurance Agency's ability to detect it. Read more.

U.S. DOL Overtime Rule Threatens Manufacturing Careers

Beginning 12/1/16, workers whose yearly income is at or below $47,476 will be legally entitled to additional compensation for any time worked above 40 hours a week, more than doubling the previous level of $23,660. Read more.

Environmental Policy

Snyder Signs MMA-Supported Legislation on Electrician Ratio

Legislation to improve the state’s current ratio requirement for electrical apprentice supervision was signed into law on Tuesday, 4/5/16, by Governor Rick Snyder. Read more.

Manufacturing Talent

Manufacturing’s Talent Needs Extended

On Wednesday, 7/22/15, Governor Rick Snyder signed Public Act 130 of 2015 introduced by Senator Darwin L. Booher (R-Evart), which would extend the life of the Michigan New Jobs Training Program from 2018 until 2023. Read more.

Veteran Talent

Veterans can help your business compete nationally and around the globe. The Great Lakes State is 11th in the nation in overall veteran population, yet many of our heroes continue to look for work. Read more.

Regulatory Reform

Multi-Line Phone System Legislation Moves to Governor’s Desk

The House gave near-unanimous approval of MMA-supported legislation for a three-year extension of a deadline to force manufacturers and other organizations to make significant changes to their phone systems. Read more.


Reduction of
Administrative Rules

The Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) has reduced the number of administrative rules in the state by 2,013 since April 2011.

Created by Governor Snyder, the ORR seeks to create a regulatory environment that is more conducive to a manufacturing state like Michigan. At the time of the ORR’s creation, Michigan’s administrative rules totaled 19,227.


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