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Workers' Compensation

Dividend Announcement Coming Soon!

MMA has had a working relationship with Amerisure for over 100 years. Our workers compensation program has been available to members for over 30 years.

Recently, A.M. Best’s Bestlink ranked Amerisure as the second best performing company in the U.S. for Workers’ Comp loss ratios. This program continues to be a success for our members.

Plan Highlights

Managed Care Program

The MMA worker's comp program is an effective, proactive program that focuses on containing medical costs, while providing exceptional claims service and quality medical care to employees.

Effective Loss Control

Amerisure combines the expertise of experienced professionals and sophisticated programs to find solutions to plant safety issues, prevent losses and, ultimately, reduce insurance costs.

Return to Work

This program is a cost-effective, focused effort to return the injured worker to full employment in the shortest time, consistent with good care.

Fraud Investigation

Amerisure’s Special Investigations team is an industry leader in preventing fraudulent claims and holding down costs for policyholders.

Dividend Program

Each plan year, depending on market conditions and experience rates, dividends may be issued to workers’ comp plan policy holders. Dividends have averaged nine percent over the 15 years of the program.

For more information, please contact Mark at 517-487-8532 or lee@mimfg.org.


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What Does MMA Do To Keep Insurance Rates Down?

The group buying power of nearly 2,200 companies means that members can take advantage of more competitive insurance rates. MMA, in partnership with its service providers, works to hold rates as low as possible through excellent program management and aggressive loss control initiatives. MMA’s life insurance program rates, for instance, have not increased in over 20 years.