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Mark Lee

Member Services Manager

517-853-3332 (fax)

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401(k) Retirement Plans

Better Service. Lower Cost.

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors: Trusted MMA Partner

Helping you do more for your employees, for less!

    • Less cost
    • Less time
    • Less administrative work
    • Less fiduciary responsibility

CAPTRUST offers members a FREE 401(k) benchmark report. This report will show you how the CAPTRUST Freedom401k program stacks up to your existing 401(k) plan.

Call Errol Hau at 248-620-8046 to get more details!

CAPTRUST provides our clients with a number of benefits, including:

    • Participant Education & Advice
    • Managed Account Portfolios
    • Investment Advisory Services
    • Fiduciary Oversight
    • Recordkeeping & Administration
    • Satisfied Clients, Proven Results

To find out more about the Freedom401k plan and other 401(k) services available to MMA members, contact 
Errol Hau at 248-620-8046.


To request more information on MMA 401(k) services, contact:

Errol Hau

Secrets to 401k Success

Watch Errol Hau's presentation to MMA members