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Lead Contact for
Member Services

Brenda Nalett

Member Services Manager

517-853-3312 (fax)

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HR Help Line
Members can get FREE answers to general human resources questions by contacting the MMA HR Help Line. To get expert advice on your issue, leave a voice-mail message, or email your MMA member contact information and your question, and you will receive a response in 1-2 business days.

To access the MMA HR Help Line:

      • call 800-676-9077 or 
      • e-mail mma@clarkhill.com
      • provide your member number or company name

By contacting the MMA HR Help Line, members are connected to attorneys and professionals from Clark Hill PLC, a leading Michigan law firm which provides a variety of labor and employment-related services. Their attorneys are dedicated to quality service and can provide the answers you need.