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Lead Contact for
Member Services

Brenda Nalett

Member Services Manager

517-853-3312 (fax)

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Job Posting Services
Post a job...save some dough!


Talent acquisition is not impossible...it just takes the right tools. 

MMA Members save an additional 20% off the listed prices when using the #1 recruitment site, CareerBuilder.com. Get in front of the best and brightest job candidates while using your membership to save.

CareerBuilder gives you:

    • Exposure to a large pool of candidates
    • No-cost editing anytime during the job posting
    • Powerful screening tools

Members log-in to get the MMA discount code and save 20%!
Post your job now on CareerBuilder.com.


Members log-in now to get the MMA Member discount code worth 20% off your job postings order through CareerBuilder. Contact MMA's member services manager for more at 517-487-8532.

Job Applicants

Review and apply for jobs here! Post your resume for all to see.


Log in then visit the CareerBuilder webpage to post your jobs. Remember to use the MMA Member discount code (Members log in to see the code) to save 20%!