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Safety Training

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Safety Training Saves...

Use the Manufacturing Safety Meeting Outlines to conduct regular safety training and make safety an easy part of your routine!
    Gather your workers.
  1.    READ - the simple, one-page meeting outline
  2.    SIGN - workers sign the sheet to document attendance
  3.    FILE - keep the sheet on file for compliance and liability needs
Manufacturing Safety Meeting Outlines are delivered each month in your email inbox. Each email contains 4-5 safety training outlines, making it easy to conduct safety training at your facility. The process takes just 10-15 minutes and can save a life, eliminate down-time, and save money!

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Your subscription also gets you unlimited access to the online library containing more than 200 safety topics!

Safety Meeting Outlines has been producing safety training aids for nearly 35 years. Now for less than $2 per week you can get the peace of mind knowing that you are keeping safety a top priority.

Contact Mark Lee at MMA for more information.
517-487-8532 or lee@mimfg.org


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Learn more about compliance with Michigan's Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations at: