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Lead Contact for
Member Services

Brenda Nalett

Member Services Manager

517-853-3312 (fax)

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Parts Cleaning & Waste Disposal

MMA members save big with Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC), the second largest and fastest growing parts cleaning and industrial waste services provider in the United States. 

Members receive free waste profiles and a 20% discount on all HCC services including:

HCC also operates the second largest oil re-refinery in the United States, with the capacity to annually recycle up to 50 million gallons of used oil and produce up to 30 million gallons of lubricating base oil. Call to find out how much HCC will pay for your used oil!  Heritage-Crystal Clean guarantees to lower your environmental costs as they help you go green!

  Please log-in to contact Heritage-Crystal Clean and take advantage of member only discounts or contact MMA's member services manager at 517-487-8532.

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