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Lead Contact for
Employment & Workforce
Policy Issues

Delaney McKinley

Director of Human Resource Policy
517-853-3330 (fax)

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Employment & Workforce Policy Committee

Focuses on issues related to unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, MIOSHA standards and regulation, workforce development and manufacturing talent initiatives.

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2015 Employment and Workforce Policy Meeting Schedule


February 18, 2015 - 1:00 p.m.
Additional meetings scheduled on an ad hoc basis
This is a tentative schedule that can be altered by the members of the committee at any time.  The committee meeting notice sent to you will confirm the correct date, time, location of the meeting, as well as the agenda items, which will be mailed to you approximately a week prior to each meeting.  Please check the date of the meeting on the notice, as meeting dates are subject to change.

 Delaney McKinley
Director of Human Resource Policy
 (517) 487-8530
Fax 517-372-3322