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Lead Contact for
Regulatory Reform Issues

Andy Such

Director of Environmental & Regulatory Policy
517-853-3343 (fax)

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Regulatory Reform

Multi-Line Phone System Legislation Moves to Governor’s Desk

The House gave near-unanimous approval of MMA-supported legislation for a three-year extension of a deadline to force manufacturers and other organizations to make significant changes to their phone systems. The eventual system change would allow 911 operators to pinpoint caller location in the event of an emergency — directing first responders to a specific office within a facility. The bill now goes to Governor Snyder for his signature.

“We support the original intent to help police and fire services better respond to an incident in a large factory or office building, but these rules go well beyond that and our companies need time to comply,” said Andy Such, MMA director of environmental and regulatory policy. "We are glad to see that the Legislature agrees."

Senate Bill 878 (Senator Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake) would push the effective date back three years from 12/31/16 to 12/31/19. Under the current rule, manufacturers operating in more than 7,000 square feet of floor space and utilizing a multi-line system would face considerable costs to complete the phone changeover before the current 12/31/16 deadline. However, the Michigan State Police (MSP) and Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) remain unable to guarantee the changes would improve accuracy in an emergency.

Businesses in violation of the regulation could be assessed a fine and, despite the urgency of changing, many 911 regions still lack the ability to interface with these new phone systems. A push back of the deadline would allow for all systems and businesses to effectively manage the change.

For more information, contact MMA’s Andy Such at 517-487-8543 or such@mimfg.org.

No Stricter Than Federal Legislation Aims to Protect Your Business

An essential protection supported by the MMA to reduce state government overreach and anti-competitive regulations was passed by the House of Representatives 61-47 on Tuesday, 6/7/16. A primary concern for manufacturers in Michigan is that their business be capable of competing with businesses in other states, a need that can be ignored when state regulations exceed the standards set in federal law.

House Bill 5613 (Representative Triston Cole, R-Mancelona) would amend the Administrative Procedures Act of 1969 to prohibit a state agency from adopting rules more restrictive than the federally mandated standard unless an agency director shows a “clear and convincing need” to exceed that standard.

“Manufacturers in Michigan must know that they can compete on equal footing with businesses in other states and this legislation assures them that, in most instances, the rules and regulations we have to abide by are the same as those in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, California and everywhere else in the country,” said Andy Such, MMA director of environmental and regulatory policy.

The bill now moves to the Senate Committee on Government Operations where action is expected soon after the Legislature returns from summer recess.

For more information, contact MMA’s Andy Such at 517-487-8543 or such@mimfg.org.

Costly New Bill Incentivizes Bounty Hunter Attorneys to
File Frivolous Lawsuits Against Businesses

MMA is deeply concerned about new legislation that would incentivize harassment and frivolous lawsuits against employers by allowing trial lawyers to file qui tam (“in the name of the king and myself”) lawsuits and we want to hear from you!

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MMA Supports State House Opposition to the
Illegal Dumping of Foreign Steel

MMA supports the Michigan State House of Representatives in its effort to urge the federal government to make the needs of manufacturers a top priority this week with a vote to halt the illegal dumping of foreign steel into the U.S. market.

House Resolution 87 (Representative John Kivela, D-Marquette), would urge the President and the U.S. Congress to take action against a wave of steel products which find its ways to American shores, harming the businesses of domestic steel manufacturers and iron ore mining companies.

“Every shipment of illegal steel entering the United States significantly undermines our state and national manufacturing industries,” said Chuck Hadden, MMA president & CEO. “Michigan is a great example of the full economic cycle of steelmaking. Iron ore is mined and processed in Michigan, transported to Michigan-based steel plants and made into cars and other products in Michigan. When illegal steel is dumped into the U.S. market, Michigan's economy is damaged.”

The iron ore mining and steel industries employ over 7,500 individuals in Michigan. Additionally, these industries support more than 51,500 jobs across the Michigan economy.

Watch for this vote to take place soon and to read the reactions of your fellow manufacturers to this positive step toward a more competitive Michigan.

Beneficial Use

Legislation Provides Options for Safe Reuse of Industrial Byproducts

MMA successfully lobbied the Legislature to pass a three-bill package allowing for the reuse of industrial byproducts such as foundry sand, coal ash, concrete and asphalt pavement and paper mill residuals for road building, construction fill and developing new building products.

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