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Lead Contact for
Political Action

Brianna Mills

Strategic Partnerships Manager

517-214-5099 (cell)
517-487-8523 (office)

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Political Action

Manufacturers must make their voices heard. We must all become involved in driving our pro-manufacturing agenda. Here are three ways MMA members can make corporate contributions to support MMA’s mission.


Personal Contribution • Reporting Required • Focus: Candidate Support

Many decisions that impact Michigan manufacturers are made by elected officials. Electing pro-manufacturing candidates helps move manufacturers’ pro-manufacturing agenda.

Why does my business need the MMA-PAC?

Manufacturers are easy targets for lobbyists seeking to add excessive mandates, restrictive regulations and burdensome red tape to the top job creators in Michigan. When you support the MMA-PAC, you are pledging your support to the pro-manufacturing candidates who will stand up for manufacturers and provide a voice for your business at the Capitol. When we come together, we raise the collective voice of all manufacturers and become a powerful presence across Michigan.

What’s the risk of not supporting the MMA-PAC?

Without your support, Michigan risks an unfavorable tax climate, more mandates, and more regulations. Our battle at the Capitol is already an uphill one. Too many large, well-funded political machines exist to target job providers and turn our state into an uncompetitive environment for manufacturers. If manufacturers fail to stand together, all the economic successes we’ve achieved will be for nothing.

How does the MMA-PAC determine who it will support?

You see the process happening every day! We highlight the top policy issues impacting your business inside the pages of every issue of MiMfg Magazine, in every edition of Manufacturing Voice, and across MMA’s website and social media outlets. Lawmaker voting records are reviewed, scrutinized and debated by our Government Affairs team and survey information directly from political candidates is considered. You, as a member, participate in the process through engagement with MMA Policy Committees and by utilizing our MMA Election Center for the resources you need to be an informed, manufacturing voter.

MMA-PAC can accept personal contributions or contributions from sole-proprietorships, partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs). State Law prohibits acceptance of corporate checks.


Corporate Contribution • Reporting Required • Focus: Candidate Support

Manufacturers are leading Michigan’s economic recovery. Corporate contributions to support a pro-manufacturing agenda can continue and accelerate this recovery.

The MMA ImPACt Fund allows corporations to provide unlimited support for MMA to advocate for or against political candidates, however, the fund is prohibited from donating money directly to political candidate committees.

How do I contribute?

Call 517-487-8542 to take advantage of your corporate free speech. Corporate checks and credit cards accepted. Company name and dollar amount of contributions to the MMA ImPACt Fund are required to be reported to the State of Michigan under the regulations for this type of committee.


Corporate Contribution • No Reporting Required • Focus: Issue Awareness

Education is key to achieving public support of manufacturing issues and companies can support a pro-manufacturing agenda by contributing to the MMA Advancing Issues for Manufacturers (AIM) Fund.

The MMA AIM Fund accepts corporate contributions to support issue development and public messaging on pro-manufacturing legislation or issues. The fund can commission issue-related studies, develop awareness campaigns and educate the public, and policymakers, on the vital role manufacturing plays in our State.

How do I contribute?

Call 517-487-8542 to contribute to the MMA AIM Fund. Corporate checks and credit cards accepted. Contributions to the MMA AIM Fund are not required to be reported.


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Only MMA members can donate to the MMA-PAC. Please log-in to make a contribution.