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Larry Janicki

MMASC President

800-253-9039 ext. 556
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Billing Services

Enhanced Blue Cross Blue Shield Billing

With ACA taxes, fees and other premium changes, your BCBS bill likely looks extremely different then it did just a year or so ago. Now computing how much each family may be costing you is nearly impossible to do.

MMA members can customize their Blue Cross bills to make them easier to understand. By organizing the data by employee, you will save time when trying to decipher your benefits costs.

To take advantage of this FREE service, fax us a lettter at 517-203-3121 indicating you would like MMA to bill your BCBSM plan. This will not change your agent, benefits or premium. It simply provides you with an easy to understand insurance bill.

If you have questions, contact MMA's Mark Lee at lee@mimfg.org or 517-487-8532.


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