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Lead Contact for Insurance
& Employee Benefit Programs

Larry Janicki

MMASC President

800-253-9039 ext. 556
517-853-3356 (fax)


The MMA Advantage

MMA members have access to a broad range of quality, competitive-rate insurance and employee benefit programs. These programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of MMA members.

The group buying power of 35,000+ insured employees means that members of MMA can take advantage of more competitive insurance programs and rates. MMA, in partnership with its service providers, works to hold rates as low as possible through excellent program management and aggressive loss control initiatives. MMA’s life insurance program rates, for instance, have not increased in over 20 years!


Insurance Forms

Forms are available on our website. Click here to go to the forms page.

Your Representative

Contact information for your MMA-MetLife Insurance Processor is also available on our forms page. Click here.


MMA-Endorsed Providers