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Manufacturing Matters Video Challenge

Manufacturing Matters Video Challenge — Deadline Extended!

We Want Your “Manufacturing Matters” Videos

Tick tock — the time to act is now! The deadline to submit your video for the Manufacturing Matters video challenge has been extended to Friday, 5/2/14. Capture a short video of what manufacturing means to you and receive a Howard Miller desk clock as our thank you gift.

Tell the world why manufacturing matters to Michigan and how this booming industry is leading the state — and nation — in jobs, technology and philanthropy. Get going — rev up your creativity, pull out your camera or phone, and record a short (60 seconds or less) video message.

As an example, check out the cell-phone videos we shot of MMA staff and the staff mash-up video to see why manufacturing matters to us!

Create Your Video: Why Manufacturing Matters

Your video can be any format—professional or novice, funny or serious, includes one person or dozens. Be sure to include background of your company, the shop floor, your hard working employees, etc.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Why manufacturing is awesome
  • How manufacturers contribute to Michigan
  • What it means to be a Michigan manufacturer
  • How manufacturers create jobs and impact their communities

Submit Your Video

Once you’ve created your video, send it to cooke@mimfg.org. Be sure to let us know where we can find it... Facebook, YouTube or your company website. Submission deadline has been extended to 5/2/14 to be eligible to win the Michigan Manufacturing Video Challenge.

Share & Like to Win

Share your video with everyone you know to increase your chances of winning! MMA will be uploading all videos received to our YouTube and Facebook. We’ll be inviting Michiganders to vote for their favorite video by clicking “Like.”

  • The video with the most likes wins!
  • Winner will be announced 5/8/14
  • A  representative from the winning company will receive a VIP guest pass for  MMA’s CEO & Executive Forum held on 5/13/14 and be invited to speak to 150+ Michigan manufacturing executives.

Michigan Manufacturing Video Challenge Showcase

MMA will use the best videos to create a ”Manufacturing Matters”  video to be showcased at MMA’s CEO & Executive Forum on May 13. The video will be promoted  through social and traditional media during Michigan Manufacturing week.

It’s your chance to show the world why manufacturing matters to Michigan! Submit your video today!

Questions about the contest can be directed to kopietz@mimfg.org or call 517-487-8553.