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Lead Contact for
Member Services

Brenda Nalett

Member Services Manager

517-853-3312 (fax)

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Energy Services

Lower Your Energy Costs

MMA has partnered with EnStar Energy Services to provide members ways to save money on energy costs. Energy is an ongoing cost so the sooner you reduce your usage or eliminate fees, the more money that goes to your bottom line.

EnStar can help with:
    • Facility assessment for ways to save energy
    • Tax recovery for manufacturers
    • Utility bill management
    • Rate schedule verification
    • Options for energy choice
    • Filing for energy rebates
    • Implementation of energy saving projects
Let EnStar show you ways to save, then you decide what makes sense for your company. Several members have already seen the savings and they keep adding up each month!

Call EnStar Energy Services today to schedule your free, onsite assessment! 517-694-2510

Working to provide MMA members with ways to save!

Free On-Site Energy Assessment

Discover how MMA members save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, by implementing energy saving projects. Contact EnStar Energy at 517-694-2510.

Save on liquid propane for
forklifts, heating warehouses and employee homes!