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Lead Contact for
Member Services

Brenda Nalett

Member Services Manager

517-853-3312 (fax)

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Avis Car Rental

MMA members get special rates and discounts, excellent service and the comfort and reliability that come with renting a car from Avis. 

With more than 4,300 locations worldwide, there’s always an Avis nearby to help you with your car rental needs. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, your membership entitles you to special discounts.

Avis is the leader in innovative, automated services in the car rental industry.


  • Avis Preferred Express: Don't wait in line... go directly from the Avis bus to your vehicle where the keys and rental agreement are waiting for you on the dashboard. Now available at more than 80 major U.S. airports, simply show your license as you exit the parking facility. We’ve even waived the $50 fee for MMA members!

  • Avis Roving Rapid Return: During peak business periods, at busy Avis car return areas, an Avis Roving Rapid Return representative will meet you right at your car and produce a transaction record in a matter of seconds.

  • Avis Cares®: Provides travel safety information, including local/state laws, emergency numbers, news stations, etc. Avis also includes a Vehicle Operating Guide to explain and locate many of the vehicle’s key systems. WeatherFax is a helpful guide that gives you the week’s weather forecast and even notes possible flight delays.


Share these discounts with all employees by logging in and passing the discount code on to employees. Contact Mark at 517-487-8532 or lee@mimfg.org if you have any questions.

  Please log-in to contact Avis and take advantage of member only discounts or contact MMA's member services coordinator at 517-487-8532.

For more information, contact Mark at 517-487-8532 or lee@mimfg.org.

Share Travel Discounts with Your Employees

Members login to see the MMA discount codes for both AVIS and Budget then share the discount with your employees!