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Key Deadlines

Are You Eligible?

Your personal property qualifies if:

  • Your property meets the definition of “Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property” by being predominantly used in “industrial processing” or “direct integrated support” that is located on “occupied real property”
    • “Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property” (EMPP) means all personal property located on occupied real property if that personal property is predominantly used in industrial processing or direct integrated support. (See Definitions for more.)
    • “Direct integrated support” includes such things as R&D, warehousing of finished goods by the manufacturer
    • “Industrial processing” means the activity of converting or conditioning tangible personal property by changing the form, composition, quality, combination, or character of the property for ultimate sale at retail or for use in the manufacturing of a product to be ultimately sold at retail. (See Definitions for more.)
  • You have a small parcel that has less than $80,000 in true cash value of commercial or Industrial Personal Property (claiming the 9o exemption requires filing Form 5076 — NOT Form 5278)

Property does not qualify if it is:

  • Not used to carry on a current on-site business activity at its location
  • Electrical generating, distribution or transmission equipment explicitly excluded from the definition of industrial processing property
  • Classified as “utility personal property”