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Compete to Succeed:
Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024

As the only sector that truly competes on a global scale, manufacturers require a competitive business climate to be successful from their Michigan location. Our members need state government to be an active partner in our pursuit of excellence.

Compete to Succeed: Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024 is an action plan for that partnership and outline of the policies necessary to achieve global competitiveness crafted by our manufacturing members, large and small, with the goal of making the Michigan the prime location for manufacturing growth and investment.

The Agenda was driven by MMA Policy Committees, with the guidance of the MMA Government Affairs Committee and the MMA Board of Directors.

Key Policy Areas

  • Employment & Workforce Policy
    Protecting the future of employees and the success of manufacturing while maintaining a competitive state regulatory system
  • Talent
    Revolutionize Michigan’s talent development systems to meet the skills needed to empower the largest sector of Michigan’s economy — manufacturing — to thrive
  • Tax Policy
    Creating a statewide business climate to allow manufacturers to remain globally competitive
  • Environmental & Regulatory Policy
    Protecting human health and the environment while maintaining a competitive state regulatory system
  • Energy Policy
    Ensuring manufacturers can compete globally and provide low-cost energy with reliable capacity and delivery systems
  • Infrastructure, Transportation & Natural Resources
    Recognizing the priority role Michigan’s roads, bridges, waterways and pipelines have on manufacturing’s ability to receive raw materials and ship products across the state and country
  • Health Care Policy
    Controlling the rising cost of health care to allow manufacturers to continue offering outstanding benefits
  • Food & Beverage Policy
    Supporting the food and beverage sector is critical to economic growth in Michigan

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