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Manufacturing's Strategy for Michigan's Future

The Michigan Manufacturing Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is the road map to continue that positive momentum. Check out our top legislative and regulatory priorities for 2019-2020.

Protect Your Business with MMA Cyber Threat Protection

Learn how MMA’s new member service can help you protect your company, your employees and your reputation from cyber attack.

Donna Russell-Kuhr - PTM Corporation - 2019 MFG Woman of the Year

The MFG Woman of the Year honors women in manufacturing, including significant achievements in the industry and impacts within her community.

Simplify Chemical Management with MSDSonline

Simplify in-house safety responsibilities with MSDSonline chemical management solutions from VelocityEHS.

Why Cyber Security is the CEO's Responsibility

One of the biggest misconceptions about cyber security is that it is the responsibility of the IT department. Executives need to take responsibility for one of the greatest risks that face their business, its assets and its future.

Refresh Your Recruiting Tools for the Post-Coronavirus Economy

Whether the post-virus labor market will be as tight as it once was or additional talented workers will be available, manufacturers with recruitment tools already in place will be best positioned to compete for and attract the most in-demand candidates.