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MFG Forum
Apr 23, 2019
MFG Forum 2019

The 2019 MFG Forum will discuss manufacturing’s current boom period and what every business owner needs to think about to survive possible future slowdowns.

MFG Operations Conference 2019

Register for this event on 3/7/19 in East Lansing to avoid the time-consuming detours constraining your competition and develop the winning strategies to face these challenges head-on.

The Original Stormy Kromer Cap Claims Title of “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” at MFG Excellence Awards

The Original Stormy Kromer Cap Claims Title of “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” at the 2018 MFG Excellence Awards.

Find Workers in Michigan's Hidden Talent Pool

Despite representing a highly dedicated and committed talent option, the pervasive myths surrounding people with disabilities continues to hinder progress.

Manufacturing's Strategy for Michigan's Future

The Michigan Manufacturing Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is the road map to continue that positive momentum. Check out our top legislative and regulatory priorities for 2019-2020.

Can Mentorship Bridge the Skills Gap?

One of the biggest stories coming out of the Great Recession that continues to plague businesses is the lack of qualified job applicants for many semi- to highly skilled positions in a variety of industries.