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  • 2023 Legislative Outlook

    February 2, 2023    32

    MMA’s Government Affairs team engages at the Capitol to enact change for the greatest benefit of our members and the manufacturing industry. Learn about MMA’s 2023-2024 priorities.
  • Online Training Courses Streamline Forklift Operator Standards and Safety Protocols

    January 27, 2023    90

    Proper training also reduces liability and the dramatic costs associated with damaged products, property and equipment, which is why MMA has partnered with TrainMOR to offer a 20 percent discount on all training programs.
  • Addressing Global Food Waste Challenges with Local Technology

    January 27, 2023    66

    Two Michigan companies — MMA Member DISHER and GTF TEchnologies — have worked together to address these critical issues by developing the RENU™ Drying and Milling System
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Fleetwood Electronics

    January 27, 2023    84

    MMA Industry Member Fleetwood Electronics' Angel Chavez talks about how they provide simple solutions to complex electronics challenges
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Rehmann

    January 27, 2023    88

    MMA Premium Associate Member Rehmann's Tom Shemanski helps clients identify solutions through advisory, financial and consulting services.
  • Commemorating 120 Years of Supporting and Advocating for Michigan Manufacturers

    January 27, 2023    70

    For more than a century, the manufacturing industry has propelled Michigan forward — through good times and in challenging times. A lot has changed from the introduction of the Model T or Michigan’s Arsenal of Democracy but one thing has remained steady: MMA has been the state’s unwavering advocate for the manufacturing industry for 12 decades.
  • Maximize the Going PRO Talent Fund Application with an Industry-Led Collaborative

    January 27, 2023    44

    Locating, training and retaining talent remains a top business challenge for manufacturers and the Going PRO Talent Fund has been a critical tool since 2014. More than $55 million is available to Michigan employers for Fiscal Year 2023, which began 10/1/22 and significant changes have been announced to the award timeline, application and reporting requirements.
  • What to Know About the CHIPS Act

    January 27, 2023    45

    The CHIPS Act will provide funding over five years to build, expand or modernize domestic facilities and equipment for semiconductor fabrication, assembly, testing, advanced packing or research and development.
  • The Evolution of Cyber Threats

    January 27, 2023    46

    The modern cyber security framework has changed immensely, traditional antivirus is just not enough to keep threats at bay. Cyber threats are always evolving, stay on top of your game and prevent yourself from becoming another unfortunate statistic.
  • Is Your Business Prepared to Face a Supply Chain Disaster?

    January 27, 2023    55

    The key to ebbing potential supply chain threats, if not to avoid them altogether, is to consider supply chain management as a part of your business’ entire risk management plan. Whether your business is in the throes of a messy manufacturing and supply chain ordeal or worried about a future debacle, now is the time to build out a strong risk management plan that will help avoid supply chain shortages and de-escalate their effects.
  • Compete to Succeed: Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024

    January 25, 2023    132

    In January, we released to our members our priorities for the 102nd Michigan Legislature in Compete to Succeed: Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024, an outline and call-to-action of the most significant challenges facing Michigan manufacturers.
  • 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

    January 20, 2023    233

    The opportunity -- and expectation -- to work from home has become prevalent in the US, which adds another layer of cybersecurity considerations to your company's operations. MMA member SensCy offers cybersecurity tips for your remote workers.
  • Bob Jacquart - Jacquart Fabric Products Home of Stormy Kromer - 2022 MFG Lifetime Achievement

    December 13, 2022    884

    For all that he has done and all that he is, the MMA is proud to recognize Stormy Kromer's Bob Jacquart with the 2022 MFG Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Dave Yancho & Robin McConnell - Armor Protective Packaging - 2022 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year (Small Tier)

    December 13, 2022    255

    The leadership 's recipe for success and culture of innovation and dedication makes Armor Protective Packaging the 2022 Small Tier John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award winner.
  • Terri Datz-Siegel - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC - 2022 MFG Woman of the Year

    December 13, 2022    415

    With her passion for people, leadership and the impact she’s had both inside Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC and within the manufacturing community, Terri Datz-Siegel is certainly a deserving recipient of the 2022 MFG Woman of the Year Award.
  • Steve Heethuis - NN Mobile Solutions - 2022 MFG Talent Champion

    December 13, 2022    171

    Steve Heethuis’s dedication to improving the industry’s reputation and inspiring current and future manufacturing professionals makes him a well-deserved recipient of the 2023 MFG Talent Champion award
  • Kristen Opperman - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC - 2022 MFG Emerging Leader

    December 13, 2022    457

    Kristen Opperman’s passion for being an employee advocate at Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC and her ability to connect with and inspire people truly make her an Emerging Leader.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: SwiftWall

    December 12, 2022    373

    SwiftWall Director of Engineering Zach Cesa talks about how Midland-based Swiftwall, a company that makes temporary walls and barriers, hopes their product will have a serious impact on the mark and the environment.
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: DST Advisory Group

    December 12, 2022    329

    The Research Tax Credit (RTC) is a little-known program that could mean big tax savings on your bottom line. Find out more from DST Advisory Group President Diane Stogiannes to see if your company qualify.
  • Longtime Partnership with MetLife Means Big Benefits For MMA Members

    December 12, 2022    234

    MMA’s 25-year partnership with MetLife has created millions in savings for members through discounted benefits for dental, life and disability coverage. Learn more about flexible options that may be right for your employees.
  • Industry 4.0 Offers Creative Solutions for Manufacturing’s Most Pressing Challenges

    December 12, 2022    243

    More manufacturer than ever are taking advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies to find solutions for some of their most stubborn challenges. See how some Michigan companies are embracing Industry 4.0.
  • Improving Operations and Training with Augmented Reality

    December 12, 2022    270

    Looking for creative ways to connect with the next generation of manufacturing talent? Why not make training more fun? Read how LightGuide's “gamification of training” will be groundbreaking for the industry.
  • How to Approach Industry 4.0 if You’re Still Grappling With 3.0: A Guide for Middle-Market Manufacturers

    September 7, 2022    327

    Many manufacturers have faced financial underperformance or disruptive changes in their customer base or end market, resulting in outdated information systems. But late adopters can still bridge the gap with more advanced firms.
  • Don't Become a Statistic: Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

    August 10, 2022    717

    Payment fraud is insidious. It chips away at corporate profitability, jeopardizes your reputation, consumes staff time with remediation and puts your business’ viability at risk. Learn steps to protect your business from MMA member Paymerang.
  • Minimum Wage/Paid Sick Leave Laws Stayed by Court of Claims

    August 1, 2022    386

    The ruling that would have increased the state’s minimum wage to $12/hour and required practically all Michigan employers to provide at least 72 hours of paid sick leave has been stayed by the Court of Claims.
  • What MMA Members Need to Know About the Court’s Ruling on Minimum Wage/Paid Sick Leave Laws

    July 20, 2022    506

    The Michigan Court of Claims that ruled declared Michigan's Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act and the Earned Sick Time Act as unconstitutional. These Acts were originally 2018 ballot initiatives which the Legislature adopted and then amended in an effort to ease the burden the original ballot initiatives would have placed on employers.
  • Loss Control Solutions for MMA Members

    July 13, 2022    762

    For nearly 50 years, MTMIC has specialized in providing loss control solutions to their clients. Having a trusted and experienced partner helps create a healthy and safe workplace for all employees. And the news gets even better for MMA members who are able to take advantage of a 3 percent discount on insurance premiums through MTMIC.
  • The Shyft Group Delivers Groundbreaking EV Ecosystem

    July 13, 2022    1166

    The Shyft Group has stepped up to the challenge with its groundbreaking Blue Arc™ EV Solutions. Blue Arc started with an idea to develop an EV chassis that could be used for a variety of commercial and fleet vehicle markets. Before long, engineers were developing an entire ecosystem of products to support and advance the future of electrified mobility.
  • Starting From the Ground Up

    July 13, 2022    633

    Learn how employers like Autocam, Humphrey Products, Orbitform and Toyota are connecting with students to support the next generation of talent.
  • Gearing Up for the 2023 Going PRO Talent Fund: Michigan’s #1 Talent Funding Source

    July 13, 2022    640

    Talent — locating, training and retaining —  remains a top business challenge for manufacturers and the Going PRO Talent Fund has been a critical tool since 2014. More than $55 million will be available to Michigan employers for Fiscal Year 2023, which begins 10/1/22.
  • How Automation Helps Manufacturing Accounts Payable Departments Manage Labor Shortages, Attract New Hires and Retain Workers

    July 13, 2022    375

    Automation eliminates the manual, repetitive tasks that bog AP staff down. Automating work that is repetitive and rules-based can reduce employee burnout and turnover. And automation enables AP departments to efficiently scale their operations without the need to hire and train additional staff.
  • New Hire Training to Accelerate Productivity and Quality

    July 13, 2022    494

    Effective Certified Operator Training (COT) is similar to a traditional apprentice program. Read how The Luminous Group worked with the MAHLE St. Johns plant over a six-week period to integrate COT into their existing training program.
  • What Investors Look for in a Business

    July 13, 2022    389

    Business owners seeking to expand their business or start new ventures often seek out funding. Finding investors to partner with is one viable funding strategy among many to enable your vision. What do investors look for in a business, and how can you successfully approach them with your idea?
  • Preparing Students for Vital Careers of the Future

    July 13, 2022    320

    As Michigan’s economy continues to evolve, STEM learning will play an even more significant role. The MiSTEM Network, established by the council, unites education, business and community partners across the state to create pathways for all students to consider and pursue high-wage, high-demand careers.
  • New Financial Wellness Tool and Workshop Series from MetLife Available to MMA Members

    July 13, 2022    424

    MMA is partnering with MetLife to bring our members and their employees UpwiseTM and Retirewise®.
  • Manage Productivity and Protect Your Employees

    July 11, 2022    517

    Managing productivity and protecting employees isn’t just smart business — it’s the right thing to do. Find out how the MetLife’s team of professionals is making it easier to do both when faced with the unexpected.
  • 2022 Primary Election Endorsements

    June 28, 2022    909

    Elections matter, especially to manufacturers in Michigan looking for pro-manufacturing legislative policies. With so much at stake in the 2022 election, MMA has completed our process to endorse pro-manufacturing candidates for the Michigan Primary on Tuesday, 8/2/22.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: ISAIC

    June 24, 2022    765

    Interview with Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC) President and CEO Jennifer Guarino
  • Congratulations to MMA's Larry Janicki on his Retirement

    June 24, 2022    712

    Change isn’t always easy but it can present opportunities. Even as we wish MMA’s Larry Janicki well in his retirement after 26 years, we look to the future with internal promotions that guarantee a continuity of service to our members.
  • Growing and Thriving Along With Our Members

    June 8, 2022    1118

    MMA has experienced a tremendous amount of change and growth in the last two and a half years. I’m proud to say that our team has responded to and overcome the challenges to provide our members with outstanding service and support.
  • MMA-Supported Term Limit Reform Proposal Headed to November Ballot

    May 10, 2022    440

    Following a recent vote by the MMA Board of Directors to support changes to Michigan’s legislative term limit law proposed by Voters for Transparency and Term Limits, the Legislature today passed House Joint Resolution R, which places the proposed constitutional amendment to reform Michigan’s term limits on the November 2022 ballot.
  • Navigating Change

    May 9, 2022    750

    Supply chain disruptions are having a major impact on manufacturing. Like many industry changes over the past two years, it’s a phenomenon rooted in the COVID-19 pandemic that has had far-reaching impact on manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Learn how some Michigan manufacturers have adapted and evolved in the face of supply chain disruptions.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Amway

    May 9, 2022    742

    Interview with Amway Vice President of Manufacturing Brian Kraus
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: IBT Online

    May 9, 2022    343

    Interview with IBT Online Business Development Manager Andrew Lawlor
  • Training Resources and Data Utilization is Vital in Modern Workforce

    May 9, 2022    432

    For statewide manufacturers facing this daily struggle, it’s vital to utilize every tool available, including human resource services through MMA’s relatively new partnership with the American Society of Employers (ASE). Through this partnership, MMA members can take advantage of ASE training resources at member rates and ASE’s compensation survey data.
  • Fast, Clean, Accurate Alcohol Testing - With Just a Touch

    May 9, 2022    632

    Featuring instantaneous results and powerful analytics, SOBRsafe accurately detects the presence of alcohol through a simple, non-invasive and hygienic finger touch — no blood, no saliva, no breathing into any kind of device.
  • MMA Welcomes Bill Rayl to Help Members Tackle Talent Challenges

    May 9, 2022    321

    To navigate the gaps between workforce supply and demand, manufacturers need a connector to chart an effective path of collaboration with potential talent producers. MMA welcome one of the country’s most recognized manufacturing talent experts to the MMA family to serve as that connector.
  • Celebrate Manufacturing Excellence Nominations Open June 14

    May 9, 2022    320

    Manufacturing isn’t just what we do here in Michigan – it’s who we are. It’s our honor to recognize these champions of manufacturing at the 2022 MFG Excellence Awards. Presented every fall, this one-of-a-kind event recognizes what makes Michigan manufacturing the best in the world!
  • Protect Your Supply Chain: Top 5 Action Steps Manufacturers Can Take Now

    May 9, 2022    323

    While the disruptions to supply chains may not always be in your control, such as those related to climate or geopolitical issues, there are many factors within a manufacturer’s control that, if implemented correctly, may limit disruption, preserve customer relationships and mitigate financial repercussions.
  • The Case for Consolidation Construction: Enhancing Safety, Increasing Productivity and Streamlining Distribution

    May 9, 2022    518

    Protecting people and property, while remaining cost-effective, has always been prioritized in your operational plan. But an outdated building may put you at risk.
  • The Fractional CFO Relationship

    May 9, 2022    356

    As a manufacturer, you face various financial challenges. Whether it’s looking at the ROI of a new equipment purchase, determining terms on a new large customer contract or considering various business models or strategies, manufacturers need critical financial thinkers in their organization to work through these and many other financial issues.
  • Why Your Company Needs a Strategic Plan

    May 9, 2022    308

    A strategic plan is a document a business creates that identifies the company’s goals, the strategies they intend to use to reach those goals, and the ways in which they will measure their progress so they can fine-tune their plan over time.
  • Connecting Manufacturers with Workforce Solutions

    May 5, 2022    1178

    MMA is increasing its focus on delivering manufacturing workforce solutions to members with the recent establishment of Bill Rayl as the Executive Director of Workforce Solutions. MMA’s Mike Johnston explains why Bill’s charge and unique experience will create a competitive advantage for Michigan manufacturers.
  • What Drives Bill Rayl to Support Manufacturing Careers?

    April 22, 2022    1091

    Bill Rayl, MMA’s new Executive Director of Workforce Solutions, has dedicated his career to developing talent partnerships to empower Michigan manufacturers to thrive. Hear what drives him and what his new role will mean to you.
  • Welcome to Bill Rayl, MMA's New Executive Director of Workforce Solutions

    April 14, 2022    1123

    As Michigan manufacturers face increasing competition across this great nation of ours and around the world for skilled talent, and as the need for skilled workers to develop and implement new advanced technologies reaches a critical juncture, MMA welcomes one of the country’s most recognized experts to the MMA family to serve as that connector for Michigan manufacturers.
  • Working Together to Weather Today’s Challenges

    March 17, 2022    671

    The MMA Board of Directors and staff have made the decision to keep member dues investments stable again for 2022.
  • Exciting Announcement for Michigan Manufacturers

    March 11, 2022    613

    It is my pleasure to share with you some early news about new operational and programmatic changes MMA is making to help support the full spectrum of manufacturing talent.
  • Solve Your Supply Chain with CONNEX

    March 4, 2022    877

    The Center has partnered with the MEDC, i5 Services, and the NAM National Marketplace to create CONNEX™ Michigan, supply chain and manufacturing network dataset tool.
  • Survey Reveals the Importance of Workplace Flexibility in Manufacturing

    March 4, 2022    853

    While challenging, workplace flexibility in manufacturing will prove invaluable for remaining competitive now and into the future. A recent report finds five major drivers of success for manufacturers as they shift out of the pandemic and into the future.
  • What You Need to Know! Michigan SALT Cap Workaround Details

    March 4, 2022    1130

    Michigan manufacturers should be aware of state and local tax changes, among them the State and Local Tax (SALT) Cap Workaround signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in December 2021.

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