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  • Deepview Advances Visual Inspection Technology through Neural Network Capabilities

    May 22, 2023    99

    Automated cameras have been used within the manufacturing industry for years, but Deepview has enhanced the technology in ways you may not have expected.
  • Solving Janitorial and Sanitation Challenges through Modern Technology

    May 22, 2023    101

    Facility cleaning and maintenance are a must for any industry, and MMA’s new partnership with GDI Integrated Facility Services makes it easier for members to access a wide range of these services.
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Midwest Recruiters

    May 22, 2023    87

    Interview with Midwest Recruiters Founder and President Tony Dekker
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Magline, Inc.

    May 22, 2023    85

    Interview with Magline, Inc. Director of Marketing Paul Adler.
  • Recognizing Workforce Solutions to Navigate Talent Challenges

    May 22, 2023    77

    Read how members Avalon & Tahoe Manufacturing and Cobra MOTO/Cobra AERO, LLC have recognized solutions and are navigating the challenges in a technology-driven, post-pandemic era beginning.
  • PlaneWave Instruments - 2022 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan

    May 22, 2023    49

    PlaneWave’s success today is driven by the same shared passion that brought together a group of hobbyists more than 30 years ago. With market-leading technology, a mission of “Pursuit of the Perfect Telescope” and a future as bright as the stars, PlaneWave is a highly deserving recipient of the 2022 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan.
  • Protecting Your Company’s Investment With a Training Reimbursement Agreement

    May 22, 2023    61

    Investing in employee training adds value to all levels of your operation. But how do you protect your bottom line if the investment walks away? Learn why it’s a risk you can’t afford not to take.
  • Knowing Your Employees — The Importance of Employee Surveys

    May 22, 2023    53

    As an employer, you face two serious challenges in managing your talent — keeping employees from leaving for "greener pastures" and countering the impact of a disengaged workforce. The impact of these challenges typically doesn’t become apparent until it is too late — the employee quits, or they have been unproductive since their last performance review.
  • Reduce Training Costs While Increasing Talent

    May 22, 2023    71

    If you’re like many other manufacturers in Michigan, finding and retaining new hourly workers has been a challenge. While we can’t control the talent pool, we can control how we think about training new employees. Here are three factors to consider that could help the effectiveness of your employee training efforts and lead to greater retention:
  • The Manufacturing Facility Has Changed

    May 22, 2023    67

    Much has changed since J.S. Vig Construction was founded as an industrial contractor in southwest Detroit in 1965. Back then, blueprints were hand-drawn and estimates were prepared with an adding machine. Now, technology has changed the world and the rate of change continues to accelerate fast, so buckle up
  • How Lean Can Attract & Retain Younger Members of the Workforce

    May 22, 2023    45

    You know, the unseen beast that snatches up new hires when they go outside for their break. For some reason, they disappear and never return. Why does this mystery monster seem to hang out in some parking lots? How can organizations make sure their new employees stop disappearing? The answer may lie inside the building.
  • How to Win the Manufacturing Talent Game

    May 22, 2023    51

    Attracting and retaining top talent in an increasingly competitive market has become a hot topic for business leaders. Learn how prioritizing culture and leadership can help you win the manufacturing talent game.
  • New Rules May Eliminate Your 401(k) Audit

    May 17, 2023    200

    Employers with less than 100 401(k) participating employees may be eligible for small plan reporting options with no audit required based on recent IRS changes. Learn more in this Dawda Mann Insight.
  • Cybersecurity: Building Resilience in Michigan’s Manufacturing Industry

    April 20, 2023    655

    While small to medium-sized manufacturers in Michigan recognize the growing threat of cyberattacks, many are not taking appropriate actions toward protecting their systems and data. Implementing cybersecurity best practices is crucial to minimize the risk of a successful cyberattack.
  • Embracing Holistic Employee Care: The Secret to High Retention in the Manufacturing Industry

    April 20, 2023    706

    Like other industries, the manufacturing sector is facing its fair share of challenges, from maintaining employee loyalty to drawing in new talent. To help companies understand these hurdles, MetLife conducted a study which sheds new light on employee satisfaction and its main contributors.
  • Leading the Way in Manufacturing Sustainability

    March 16, 2023    525

    For years, Michigan manufacturers have led the way on innovative sustainability programs and protecting the environment. From reducing landfill waste to conserving water, industry leaders have developed best practices to support sustainability and are willing to share their ideas to have a larger impact.
  • Van Dam Continues the Legacy of Wooden Boat Craftsmanship as an Art Form

    March 16, 2023    563

    Handcrafting boats exclusively from wood, Van Dam Custom Boats is ensuring that old-world craftsmanship lives on as an art form, all while incorporating modern technology, outstanding durability and innovative design into each boat they build.
  • FCCI Offers Training Tools, Customized Insurance Solutions and More through Manufacturers Premier Program

    March 16, 2023    323

    To provide manufacturers with additional tools and solutions, insurance provider FCCI Insurance Group has partnered with MMA to offer a Manufacturers Premier Program.
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

    March 16, 2023    557

    Interview with Michael Brady, executive partner at Warner Norcross + Judd LLP and co-chair of its large Automotive Industry Group.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: BlueTriton Brands

    March 16, 2023    555

    Interview with Arlene Anderson-Vincent, the Natural Resources Manager for the Midwest Region of BlueTriton Brands’ Ice Mountain water bottling company.
  • Duo Form - 2022 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year (Large Tier)

    March 16, 2023    823

    From Duo Form’s company culture to their dedication to customers and protecting the environment, they are a very deserving winner of the 2022 Large Tier John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award.
  • Approaching Talent Challenges Through a Sustainability Lens

    March 16, 2023    209

    There’s a proven strategy designed to help employers build scalable, sustainable pipelines of talent that uses tools and methods already familiar to manufacturers. It’s called Talent Pipeline Management (TPM).
  • Fighting for Michigan Manufacturers in All Three Branches of Government

    March 16, 2023    195

    For more than 35 years, the MMA Lawyers Committee has closely followed cases involving the misapplication of a law, rule or regulation that may affect Michigan manufacturing interests.
  • What is Your Business Exit Strategy

    March 16, 2023    323

    If you have a business and you intend to retire or sell it at some point in your lifetime, you need to plan your exit strategy early on. Even if you plan to exit decades into the future, what you do now will set you and your business up for long-term success and avoid large challenges for a sale or transition later.
  • 10 Things Every Manufacturer Should Do to Control Energy Costs - But Too Many Don’t

    March 16, 2023    228

    Virtually every manufacturer wants to cut its energy costs, optimize energy use and improve their sustainability footprint. This can be achieved by taking a few fundamental steps to control how energy is used and paid for.
  • A 360° Leadership Approach

    March 16, 2023    276

    An authentic leader is someone who can lead in all directions — leading down to those you have authority over, leading laterally to those across the hierarchical structure, leading up to those who supervise over you and leading yourself before leading others. This concept is called 360° leadership.
  • The Purpose of the Workplace Has Changed

    March 16, 2023    191

    For many businesses, a necessary step in attracting talent is making the workplace a space people want to come by offering flexibility, streamlined systems and employee-centered design. To maximize the potential of technological upgrades, it is essential to equally invest in training existing employees and attracting new talent.
  • Creating Empowering Benefits Communication Beyond Open Enrollment

    March 10, 2023    650

    With open enrollment now a distant memory for most employees, it is time to revisit your employee benefits communication plan. Taking a year-round communication approach ensures your employees are aware of and utilizing the entirety of your benefit offerings.
  • Right-to-Work Repeal Will Hurt Michigan

    March 9, 2023    267

    If Michigan loses its decade-long status as a Right-To-Work state, the Great Lakes State will remove itself from the list of states for potential new investment for both companies outside of Michigan and those who are already here. Whether the new investment is related to electric vehicle and battery production, or based in the knowledge economy, semiconductors or green energy, Michigan will lose future investment and we will lose good-paying manufacturing jobs.
  • House Committee Passes Right-to-Work Repeal

    March 8, 2023    392

    MMA is fighting to retain the core of the state’s economy by ensuring that we’re competitively positioned to attract and maintain manufacturing capital investment and talent. Please join us in this fight by making your voice heard to state representatives who are planning to advance this legislation this afternoon of Wednesday, 3/8/23.
  • MMA and MCC Announce Formal Partnership

    March 1, 2023    892

    MMA's formal relationship with the Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) is a brand new day of opportunity for both organizations with long histories of success that, together, can build upon Michigan’s manufacturing legacy.
  • How Technology Can Help Manufacturers Maintain Economic Resiliency During a Recession

    February 9, 2023    720

    As an industry that increasingly relies on technology, manufacturers have many things to consider when planning for the future. MMA Member Convergence Networks helps you evaluate the best use of your technology and current processes.
  • 2023 Legislative Outlook

    February 2, 2023    757

    MMA’s Government Affairs team engages at the Capitol to enact change for the greatest benefit of our members and the manufacturing industry. Learn about MMA’s 2023-2024 priorities.
  • Online Training Courses Streamline Forklift Operator Standards and Safety Protocols

    January 27, 2023    539

    Proper training also reduces liability and the dramatic costs associated with damaged products, property and equipment, which is why MMA has partnered with TrainMOR to offer a 20 percent discount on all training programs.
  • Addressing Global Food Waste Challenges with Local Technology

    January 27, 2023    617

    Two Michigan companies — MMA Member DISHER and GTF TEchnologies — have worked together to address these critical issues by developing the RENU™ Drying and Milling System
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Fleetwood Electronics

    January 27, 2023    403

    MMA Industry Member Fleetwood Electronics' Angel Chavez talks about how they provide simple solutions to complex electronics challenges
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Rehmann

    January 27, 2023    743

    MMA Premium Associate Member Rehmann's Tom Shemanski helps clients identify solutions through advisory, financial and consulting services.
  • Commemorating 120 Years of Supporting and Advocating for Michigan Manufacturers

    January 27, 2023    392

    For more than a century, the manufacturing industry has propelled Michigan forward — through good times and in challenging times. A lot has changed from the introduction of the Model T or Michigan’s Arsenal of Democracy but one thing has remained steady: MMA has been the state’s unwavering advocate for the manufacturing industry for 12 decades.
  • Maximize the Going PRO Talent Fund Application with an Industry-Led Collaborative

    January 27, 2023    629

    Locating, training and retaining talent remains a top business challenge for manufacturers and the Going PRO Talent Fund has been a critical tool since 2014. More than $55 million is available to Michigan employers for Fiscal Year 2023, which began 10/1/22 and significant changes have been announced to the award timeline, application and reporting requirements.
  • What to Know About the CHIPS Act

    January 27, 2023    387

    The CHIPS Act will provide funding over five years to build, expand or modernize domestic facilities and equipment for semiconductor fabrication, assembly, testing, advanced packing or research and development.
  • The Evolution of Cyber Threats

    January 27, 2023    288

    The modern cyber security framework has changed immensely, traditional antivirus is just not enough to keep threats at bay. Cyber threats are always evolving, stay on top of your game and prevent yourself from becoming another unfortunate statistic.
  • Is Your Business Prepared to Face a Supply Chain Disaster?

    January 27, 2023    299

    The key to ebbing potential supply chain threats, if not to avoid them altogether, is to consider supply chain management as a part of your business’ entire risk management plan. Whether your business is in the throes of a messy manufacturing and supply chain ordeal or worried about a future debacle, now is the time to build out a strong risk management plan that will help avoid supply chain shortages and de-escalate their effects.
  • Compete to Succeed: Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024

    January 25, 2023    401

    In January, we released to our members our priorities for the 102nd Michigan Legislature in Compete to Succeed: Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024, an outline and call-to-action of the most significant challenges facing Michigan manufacturers.
  • 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

    January 20, 2023    557

    The opportunity -- and expectation -- to work from home has become prevalent in the US, which adds another layer of cybersecurity considerations to your company's operations. MMA member SensCy offers cybersecurity tips for your remote workers.
  • Bob Jacquart - Jacquart Fabric Products Home of Stormy Kromer - 2022 MFG Lifetime Achievement

    December 13, 2022    1601

    For all that he has done and all that he is, the MMA is proud to recognize Stormy Kromer's Bob Jacquart with the 2022 MFG Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Dave Yancho & Robin McConnell - Armor Protective Packaging - 2022 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year (Small Tier)

    December 13, 2022    895

    The leadership 's recipe for success and culture of innovation and dedication makes Armor Protective Packaging the 2022 Small Tier John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award winner.
  • Terri Datz-Siegel - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC - 2022 MFG Woman of the Year

    December 13, 2022    953

    With her passion for people, leadership and the impact she’s had both inside Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC and within the manufacturing community, Terri Datz-Siegel is certainly a deserving recipient of the 2022 MFG Woman of the Year Award.
  • Steve Heethuis - NN Mobile Solutions - 2022 MFG Talent Champion

    December 13, 2022    428

    Steve Heethuis’s dedication to improving the industry’s reputation and inspiring current and future manufacturing professionals makes him a well-deserved recipient of the 2023 MFG Talent Champion award
  • Kristen Opperman - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC - 2022 MFG Emerging Leader

    December 13, 2022    975

    Kristen Opperman’s passion for being an employee advocate at Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC and her ability to connect with and inspire people truly make her an Emerging Leader.
  • Longtime Partnership with MetLife Means Big Benefits For MMA Members

    December 12, 2022    593

    MMA’s 25-year partnership with MetLife has created millions in savings for members through discounted benefits for dental, life and disability coverage. Learn more about flexible options that may be right for your employees.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: SwiftWall

    December 12, 2022    667

    SwiftWall Director of Engineering Zach Cesa talks about how Midland-based Swiftwall, a company that makes temporary walls and barriers, hopes their product will have a serious impact on the mark and the environment.
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: DST Advisory Group

    December 12, 2022    667

    The Research Tax Credit (RTC) is a little-known program that could mean big tax savings on your bottom line. Find out more from DST Advisory Group President Diane Stogiannes to see if your company qualify.
  • Industry 4.0 Offers Creative Solutions for Manufacturing’s Most Pressing Challenges

    December 12, 2022    674

    More manufacturer than ever are taking advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies to find solutions for some of their most stubborn challenges. See how some Michigan companies are embracing Industry 4.0.
  • Improving Operations and Training with Augmented Reality

    December 12, 2022    697

    Looking for creative ways to connect with the next generation of manufacturing talent? Why not make training more fun? Read how LightGuide's “gamification of training” will be groundbreaking for the industry.
  • How to Approach Industry 4.0 if You’re Still Grappling With 3.0: A Guide for Middle-Market Manufacturers

    September 7, 2022    571

    Many manufacturers have faced financial underperformance or disruptive changes in their customer base or end market, resulting in outdated information systems. But late adopters can still bridge the gap with more advanced firms.
  • Don't Become a Statistic: Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

    August 10, 2022    997

    Payment fraud is insidious. It chips away at corporate profitability, jeopardizes your reputation, consumes staff time with remediation and puts your business’ viability at risk. Learn steps to protect your business from MMA member Paymerang.
  • Minimum Wage/Paid Sick Leave Laws Stayed by Court of Claims

    August 1, 2022    653

    The ruling that would have increased the state’s minimum wage to $12/hour and required practically all Michigan employers to provide at least 72 hours of paid sick leave has been stayed by the Court of Claims.
  • What MMA Members Need to Know About the Court’s Ruling on Minimum Wage/Paid Sick Leave Laws

    July 20, 2022    760

    The Michigan Court of Claims that ruled declared Michigan's Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act and the Earned Sick Time Act as unconstitutional. These Acts were originally 2018 ballot initiatives which the Legislature adopted and then amended in an effort to ease the burden the original ballot initiatives would have placed on employers.
  • Loss Control Solutions for MMA Members

    July 13, 2022    1183

    For nearly 50 years, MTMIC has specialized in providing loss control solutions to their clients. Having a trusted and experienced partner helps create a healthy and safe workplace for all employees. And the news gets even better for MMA members who are able to take advantage of a 3 percent discount on insurance premiums through MTMIC.
  • The Shyft Group Delivers Groundbreaking EV Ecosystem

    July 13, 2022    1473

    The Shyft Group has stepped up to the challenge with its groundbreaking Blue Arc™ EV Solutions. Blue Arc started with an idea to develop an EV chassis that could be used for a variety of commercial and fleet vehicle markets. Before long, engineers were developing an entire ecosystem of products to support and advance the future of electrified mobility.

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