Champions of Manufacturing 

Are you ready to take your support for Michigan’s manufacturing sector to the next level? Beyond the Membership Referral Program, MMA’s Champions of Manufacturing make a lasting impact!

Matt Carr of Storch Products has been named the MMA’s very first Champion of Manufacturing, recognizing his outstanding contributions to manufacturing and unwavering support of the MMA. His remarkable ability to unite county leadership, manufacturing executives, and MMA to successfully spearhead Manufacturing Day initiatives in Wayne County is one example that exemplifies why he is deserving of this title. Matt has actively advocated for MMA membership benefits and skillfully connected individuals to achieve common goals.

As a Champion of Manufacturing, members play a pivotal role in advancing Michigan’s manufacturing industry while helping MMA maintain its esteemed leadership position as advocates for manufacturers. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Connect and Contribute

Attend MMA events and become a bridge between MMA and non-members. Share the invaluable benefits of MMA membership and introduce key contacts to our passionate MMA staff and the thriving manufacturing community.

Factory Tours and Beyond

Collaborate with our Membership Development Team to organize enlightening factory tours. Showcase the innovation, technology, and dedication that drive Michigan manufacturing, creating a deeper understanding of its importance.

Regional Impact

Host peer-led regional meetings that address crucial topics affecting manufacturers in your region. By facilitating these gatherings, you’ll foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and elevate the strength of our community.

Share Your Success

Provide a testimonial about the incredible value you’ve experienced as an MMA member. Your story will inspire others to join our mission, strengthening the voice of Michigan manufacturers even further.

Ready to Get Started?

Join the ranks of the MMA’s Champions of Manufacturing and be the catalyst for positive change in our industry. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more prosperous future for Michigan’s manufacturers. Take action today, and let’s champion manufacturing excellence together!

If you’re already acting as an MMA Champion of Manufacturing, submit your nomination today!

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