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MMA Cyber Threat Protection

MMA-MTM MFG Works PartnersIn the 21st century, cyber crime has become one of the single largest threats to your business and many manufacturers remain ill-prepared to face it.

To help manufacturers prepare and protect themselves from these dangers, MMA has partnered with Application Specialist Kompany (ASK) to provide a solution at a discount to members. MMA’s Cyber Threat Protection, powered by ASK, is a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing, customizable threat detection and response system to help you protect your company, your employees and your customers. Learn more in the October 2019 cover story of MiMfg Magazine

Members now have access to ASK’s comprehensive technology and cyber security solutions to stay protected from the daily threats that endanger their businesses — plus an exclusive 10% discount off standard pricing on all ASK solutions!

Sign-Up Now to Receive:

Live Security Monitoring: Experts monitor your network environment 24/7/365 to combat emerging cyber threats while providing you access to regular reporting and alerting, baselining, log correlations and incident response.

Detect and Response: Incorporate the industry’s most innovative prevention into your network, providing you origination information, fast remediation and top-level source diagnoses.

Threat Intelligence: Receive manufacturing specific threat intelligence delivered bi-weekly to help you know where your vulnerabilities are and how to patch them.

Security Risk Assessments: Receive a thorough analysis of your infrastructure including internal and external environment scans, policies, procedures and security mechanisms.

Targeted Phishing Campaigns: Gain real-world phishing vulnerability assessments to help aid in in-house staff education and technology upgrades.

Password Audits: Brute force password cracking and password strength testing will keep your business protected by something better than Password123.

What Members Say:

How Much is Your Company’s Survival Worth?

  • It only takes one attack to cost you your clients and your reputation.
  • 58% of cyber attack victims in 2018 were classified as small businesses.
  • The average data breach will cost a U.S. manufacturer $7.91 million
  • 60% of small businesses shut down after a cyber attack
  • It takes an average of 197 days to identify data breaches (how much can go wrong in 197 days)
  • Over the last five years, security breaches have increased almost 70%

About the Service Provider: ASK is a Michigan-based full-service IT solutions, services, and cybersecurity provider serving the needs of Michigan based businesses. ASK’s service offerings include full managed IT services, project management and professional services, disaster recovery and business continuity, and cybersecurity solutions. Learn more at



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