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Fred Keller to be Recognized for Lifetime Achievement in Manufacturing

Mr. Keller was selected by an independent panel of judges for his consistent belief in people and their ability to do great things if only provided with an opportunity and his absolute willingness to provide them the resources to achieve their dreams. The “Welfare to Career” and “Returning Citizens” programs are just two of the nationally recognized resource initiatives created by Keller to locate and train untapped sources of talent within local communities.

“Fred is the rare individual whose actual achievements manage to surpass even what he thought could be possible and his volunteer spirit has touched the lives of literally thousands of individuals whose lives would be much different without the programs he built from the ground up,” says Chuck Hadden, MMA president & CEO. “He has been a leader in sustainability, innovation, welfare to career efforts and so much more. Without him, manufacturers would be without thousands of hard-working, dedicated employees across all levels of the industry.”

The MFG Excellence Awards is a first-of-its-kind gala event to promote the inspiring stories of Michigan’s manufacturing industry, the thousands of unique manufacturing companies across the state, the more than 608,000 Michigan residents employed in the industry and the hundreds of local communities that support it.

In addition to presenting Mr. Keller with the MFG Lifetime Achievement Award, the MFG Excellence Awards will also present Governor Rick Snyder with the MFG Leadership Award and recognize some of the Michigan’s most renowned brands for their unwavering support of manufacturing. The John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award — an industry staple since 1981 — and awards for emerging leader, talent champion, innovation and community impact will also be presented.

For more information on the 2017 MFG Excellence Awards, contact MMA’s Sarah Martin at 517-487-8521 or

This release was originally promoted on 10/24/17.

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