• MMA Endorses Governor Gretchen Whitmer for Reelection in 2022

    September 23, 2022    174

    MMA intends to work with Governor Whitmer and legislative leaders to support manufacturers large and small across the state to increase Michigan’s competitiveness and improve our position as the global leader in manufacturing and innovation.
  • Webinar: Electrical Safety Training in the Workplace for Leadership

    September 22, 2022    42

    Leaders need to take ownership of the safety attitude within a facility by example and reinforce it by promoting a continuous training regimen. Gain a full understanding of the electrical standards and the roles of leadership in electrical safety in this webinar by MMA and Premium Associate Member 70e Safety Group.
  • Forklift Training & Certificate Solutions from TrainMOR

    September 13, 2022    161

    MMA partners with TRAINMOR™, a Michigan-based company with 40-plus years of experience in forklift and aerial lift operator training, safety and certification to support members in their quest for enhanced safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Michigan Manufacturers Honor Pro-manufacturing Leaders

    September 16, 2022    113

    Manufacturers joined state and local leaders to honor four pro-manufacturing legislators in Lansing during the MMA Legislative Reception Wednesday, 9/14/22, with the MMA Legislator of the Year Award presentation.
  • Webinar: Get Ready for the Going PRO Talent Fund

    September 7, 2022    126

    Locating, training and retaining talent remains a top business challenge for manufacturers and the Going PRO Talent Fund has been a critical tool since 2014. More than $55 million is expected to be available to Michigan employers for Fiscal Year 2023, which begins 10/1/21 and significant changes are expected to be announced to the award timeline, application and reporting requirements soon. Get details and get you ready for this year’s for Going PRO award cycle.
  • Workforce Solutions

    September 14, 2022    103

    To navigate the gaps between workforce supply and demand, MMA is working with quality and experienced partners on collaborative solutions to help our members develop the strongest and most competitive manufacturing workforce in the world.
  • How to Approach Industry 4.0 if You’re Still Grappling With 3.0: A Guide for Middle-Market Manufacturers

    September 7, 2022    147

    Many manufacturers have faced financial underperformance or disruptive changes in their customer base or end market, resulting in outdated information systems. But late adopters can still bridge the gap with more advanced firms.
  • 2022 General Election Endorsements

    August 29, 2022    190

    MMA is pleased to announce our endorsements for pro-manufacturing candidates in the Michigan House and Michigan Senate for the General Election on Tuesday, 11/8/22. We believe these candidates will help improve Michigan’s manufacturing business climate, increase your competitiveness and support our pro-manufacturing agenda.
  • MMA Announces Pro-Manufacturing Candidate Endorsements for General Election

    August 29, 2022    105

    The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) announced the endorsement of 106 pro-manufacturing candidates in the Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate in the upcoming General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.
  • Webinar: Are Your Business Payments Safe?

    August 29, 2022    345

    Did you know your current check processing is posing risks and exposing your AP payments to payment fraud risks? MMA and Premium Associate Member Paymerang discuss how electronic payment solutions, such as virtual cards and ACH transactions, provide greater protections than paper checks, mitigating the risk of payment fraud.