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  • How to Leverage Inventory Cost Management to Improve Your Company Profitability

    May 19, 2022    192

    For many businesses, balancing inventory costs is vital to success but it can be a guessing game that is difficult to predict. Learn how an effective inventory cost management system can make it easier to capture appropriate costs from MMA member Rehmann.
  • The Research Tax Credit: An Underused Asset for Manufacturers

    May 19, 2022    201

    Only 30% of manufacturing businesses in the US are claiming the R&D Tax Credit, available to companies that are developing or improving products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions or software. Find out if your company qualifies and how to prepare the credit from MMA member @DST Advisory Group.
  • Webinar: Global Manufacturing Marketing Roundtable Discussion

    May 11, 2022    228

    Fullerton Tool’s Beth Bauer, MMA and Andrew Lawlor of IBT Online discuss how manufacturers are using digital tools to thrive in international target markets.
  • MMA-Supported Term Limit Reform Proposal Headed to November Ballot

    May 10, 2022    93

    Following a recent vote by the MMA Board of Directors to support changes to Michigan’s legislative term limit law proposed by Voters for Transparency and Term Limits, the Legislature today passed House Joint Resolution R, which places the proposed constitutional amendment to reform Michigan’s term limits on the November 2022 ballot.
  • MMA Board Supports Legislative Term Limits Ballot Proposal

    May 10, 2022    154

    “Experience in the Legislature matters” is the clear message from the MMA Board of Directors as they voted to support the Voters for Transparency and Term Limits proposal to modify Michigan’s term limits law.
  • Navigating Change

    May 9, 2022    218

    Supply chain disruptions are having a major impact on manufacturing. Like many industry changes over the past two years, it’s a phenomenon rooted in the COVID-19 pandemic that has had far-reaching impact on manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Learn how some Michigan manufacturers have adapted and evolved in the face of supply chain disruptions.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Amway

    May 9, 2022    144

    Interview with Amway Vice President of Manufacturing Brian Kraus
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: IBT Online

    May 9, 2022    55

    Interview with IBT Online Business Development Manager Andrew Lawlor
  • Training Resources and Data Utilization is Vital in Modern Workforce

    May 9, 2022    100

    For statewide manufacturers facing this daily struggle, it’s vital to utilize every tool available, including human resource services through MMA’s relatively new partnership with the American Society of Employers (ASE). Through this partnership, MMA members can take advantage of ASE training resources at member rates and ASE’s compensation survey data.
  • Fast, Clean, Accurate Alcohol Testing - With Just a Touch

    May 9, 2022    55

    Featuring instantaneous results and powerful analytics, SOBRsafe accurately detects the presence of alcohol through a simple, non-invasive and hygienic finger touch — no blood, no saliva, no breathing into any kind of device.