Manage Productivity and Protect Your Employees

Tailored disability benefit solutions for MMA members to drive success.

Employees are a businesses’ most valuable asset. Nowhere is this truer than with small businesses, which rely on each employees’ ingenuity, creativity, productivity and performance to help drive growth in a competitive market.

A small business isn’t just a company; it’s a team. The importance of each individual team member is never clearer than when one employee is unable to perform. Whether due to injury or sickness, an employee that is no longer able to work makes a big impact on all aspects of a small business. Like removing a piece from a block tower, if you’re not careful, it can bring the whole structure down.

As difficult as a temporary loss can be for a small business, it can be equally as challenging for the employee. A disabled employee that can’t earn an income may be unable to fulfill financial obligations, like buying gas and groceries, or paying housing expenses.

Managing productivity and protecting employees isn’t just smart business — it’s the right thing to do. MetLife’s team of professionals will be there to make it easier.

You’ll have access to a range of disability solutions designed specifically for small businesses. Our benefit solutions reduce risk, satisfy compliance mandates and simplify the administrative process, while also protecting employees’ income and helping them get back to work as soon as possible.

Also, our tailored solutions help manage financial risk and maintain workforce productivity with flexible plan features and return-to-work incentives. At the same time, employees are empowered to take the time they need to get better with 100 percent income replacement.

These disability benefit solutions provide a big benefit to small businesses and their employees, without adding a big administrative burden. Our team of experienced professionals minimizes the administrative workload throughout the entire process, from implementation to enrollment to ongoing service. 

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