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MMA Helps Identify Unique Risks and Opportunities for Michigan Manufacturers

LANSING (Jun 7 2022) — As the Michigan manufacturing industry continues a years-long battle to respond to and overcome challenges posed by the ongoing global pandemic, supply chain disruption, economic upheaval and workforce shortages, the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) embarked on a statewide tour to engage with specific manufacturing sectors to identify unique risks and opportunities within the industry.

The latest stop on the statewide tour took place in Grandville and focused on industry-specific issues facing Michigan’s furniture and textile sectors. Discussion amongst leaders present at the roundtable — including GA Richards, Haworth, Kindel Furniture, MiEN Company, MillerKnoll, Nuvar and the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center — focused on common pinch points and how collaboration across the industry and with MMA can help drive solutions to new and persistent challenges.

Earlier this month, MMA executives traversed Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, meeting with manufacturers to gauge current and emerging risks and opportunities present in the region.

“I am impressed with how remarkably diverse our industry is in the state of Michigan; it sets us apart from anywhere in the world to our knowledge,” said John J. Walsh, MMA President & CEO. “Our industry’s diversity is a remarkable strength that deserves attention and investment.”

For 120 years, MMA has served as a unifying champion of an industry that is in constant evolution and growth. With a proven track record and an unwavering commitment to serve Michigan manufacturers through legislative advocacy, workforce development, education, training, networking and cost savings, MMA is homing in on solutions that are needed to drive immediate and long-term success for Michigan manufacturers. The organization’s immediate focus includes:

  • Identifying and implementing workforce solutions, including funding for training, improvements in K-12 education and connectivity with the state’s talent providers through the recent hire of Bill Rayl as MMA's Executive Director of Workforce Solutions.
  • Expanding and strengthening Michigan’s offering of economic development incentives to support the state’s competitiveness for capital investment and job growth from both large and small manufacturers.
  • Working to balance regulations that protect our citizens and environment while allowing responsible businesses to thrive.

“What is true of the entire industry is that workforce and supply chain remain a challenge,” said Walsh upon returning from the tour. “These conversations are an opportunity to take ideas and supply some of our own to help attract young people to our industry through proven solutions like apprenticeships and other innovative approaches.”

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