MMA Operations Conference 2025

The annual Manufacturing Operations Conference provides actionable solutions to operational challenges for Michigan manufacturers.

This powerful event offers proven strategies, tools and best practices in the areas of organizational culture, human resources, marketing and community relations, cybersecurity and technology, production and operational efficiencies, purchasing, finance and environmental health and safety.

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Date, Location and Time

Thursday, April 17, 2025
The Lansing Center

2025 Sessions

We will open the Request for Proposal for the 2025 MMA Operations Conference in September 2024.

2024 Conference Highlights

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Operations Conference 2024
Operations Conference 2024
Operations Conference 2024
Operations Conference 2024
Operations Conference 2024
Operations Conference 2024

Professionally led breakout sessions for the 2024 MMA Operations Conference included the following topics. Learn more.

  • The Dangers of Misapplying Lean Concepts to Human Learning
  • Achieving True Employee Engagement Using Evidence-Based Methods
  • Driving Profitability: Understanding Your Costs and Operational Performance
  • What Better Energy Management Can Do for You
  • Leverage Your ISO Certifications to Enhance Cybersecurity Controls
  • Skills, Attitudes & Culture: Preparing for the AI Revolution
  • Key Insights to Attract and Maintain a High-Performing Workforce
  • Will Generative AI Really Transform Manufacturing?
  • Practical Principles for Adapting to an Ever-Changing World

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Support manufacturing growth and innovation with sponsorship and engagement opportunities available throughout the year. Develop a comprehensive plan to build your brand, solidify your image and increase your engagement with Michigan manufacturers. Work with MMA’s team to build a package with multiple event sponsorship, thought leadership and advertising opportunities available. Contact MMA’s Ashley Wakefield to build your brand strategy.

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