Past Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award Winners

Since 1981, the John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award has honored Michigan’s manufacturing leaders with a rich history of recipients from the largest, most world-renowned corporations to leaders of the small- and mid-sized family businesses that help to stabilize Michigan communities. (see list of past winners below)

2021 Magna International of America, Inc. (large tier)
  Brent Hardman, Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing LLC (small tier)
2020 Landscape Forms, Inc.(large tier)
  DeWys Manufacturing Inc. (small tier)
2019 Jim Wolf , Avalon & Tahoe Manufacturing, Inc. (large tier)
  John Sammut, Firstronic LLC (small tier)
2018 Eagle Alloy (large tier)
  Jim Richards, Total Security Solutions (small tier)
2017 Phil Sponsler, Orbitform LLC
2016 James W. Shoemaker Jr., Morbark LLC (large tier)
  Ronald E. Geisman, Lomar Machine and Tool Company (small tier)
2015 David A. Maurer, Humphrey Products Co. (large tier)
  Valiena A. Allison, Experi-Metal Inc. (small tier)
2014 Jack Finlayson, Gerdau Special Steel North America (large tier)
  Patrick Curry, Fullerton Tool Company (small tier)
2013 John C. Kennedy, Autocam Corporation (large tier)
  Jonathon DeWys, DeWys Manufacturing (small tier)
2012 Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler Group LLC (large tier)
  Al & Beth Thieme, Amigo Mobility International (small tier)
2011 Jason Forcier, A123 Systems (large tier)
  Jeff Metts, Dowding Industries (small tier)
2010 William Demmer, Demmer Corporation (large tier)
  Edward Walker, W Industries (small tier)
2009 Jim Zawacki, GR Spring and Stamping Company
2008 Dr. Stephanie A. Burns, Dow Corning Corporation (large tier)
  Terry Duperon, Duperon Corporation (small tier)
2007 John Sztykiel and Rich Schalter, Spartan Motors, Inc. and Spartan Chassis (large tier)
  Bob Roth, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc. (small tier)
2006 William C. Young, Plastipak Packaging, Inc. (large tier)
  Bruce Schafer, Rexair, Inc. (small tier)
2005 Philip Spender, AutoAlliance International, Inc. (large tier)
  Sten Sjoberg, Gestamp HardTech U.S., Inc. (small tier)
2004 Facundo Bravo, Uni Boring Co., Inc. (large tier)
  Jay Dunwell, Wolverine Coil Spring Co (small tier)
2003 Randy Rudisill, Asahi THERMOFIL, Inc. (large tier)
  Frank Venegas, Jr., The Ideal Group (small tier)
2002 Laurie Moncrieff, Schmald Tool & Die, Inc.
2001 Brian Larche, Engineered Machined Products, Inc.
2000 David Linsdeau, Stylecraft Products, Inc.
1999 Donald W. Nugent, Graceland Fruit, Inc.
1998 Fred P. Keller, Cascade Engineering, Inc.
1997 Richard E. Dauch, American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.
1995 G. W. Haworth, Haworth, Inc.
1994 John Rock, Oldsmobile Division, General Motors Corp.
1993 Robert L. Hetzler, Monitor Sugar Company
1992 Denis C. Smith, Himont Advanced Materials
1991 Carlton and Michael Guthrie, Trumark, Inc.
1990 Frank Popoff, The Dow Chemical Company
1988 Robert D. Tuttle, SPX Corporation
1987 Herbert S. Amster-Irwin, Magnetic Systems, Inc.
1986 Heinz Prechter, ASC, Inc.
1985 Russell Nagel, Westinghouse Furniture Systems
1984 John F. Northway, Owosso Corporation
1983 Carl G. Smith, Gerber Products Company
1982 Paul Jackson, Durametallic Corporation
  Thomas Russell, Federal Mogul Corporation
1981 Walter Patenge, Wohlert Corporation