• Awards Programs

    March 2, 2017    5595

    MMA recognizes the leaders who make Michigan a better place to do business for manufacturing.
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  • MFG Forum 2017

    March 2, 2017    21916

    The 2017 MFG Forum will outline the threats, discuss best practices and provide resources for protecting valuable manufacturing assets from cyber attack.
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  • Events

    March 1, 2017    5525

    MMA educational programs and services are focused on helping members stay ahead of the curve of industry trends, regulatory requirements and legislative initiatives.
  • The Seven Ways You Benefit from Video

    March 1, 2017    2555

    Here are seven ways the power of video marketing can grow your business.
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  • Charting Manufacturing Talent in 2017

    March 1, 2017    3437

    Manufacturing has made incredible strides in recent years. With unemployment steadily decreasing, the question remains — how much lower can it go?
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  • Can Working with Competitors Make You More Competitive?

    March 1, 2017    2654

    Manufacturers are wary of getting too close with their competitors – and rightly so. Antitrust violations bring serious penalties, even jail. Here are a few ways that working with your competitors might be legal, good for your business and good for your customers.
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  • News & Resources

    March 1, 2017    3110

    Access to the right information can help you stay ahead of the competition and improve your bottom line. MMA social media, resources and MiMfg Magazine provides you with the latest manufacturing news.
  • Comprehensive Health Care

    February 27, 2017    7492

    More options. For members only. Why do we choose to partner with the Blues? Because no one knows manufacturing better than MMA — and no one knows health care better than the Blues.
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  • Secrets to 401k Success

    February 21, 2017    2521

    Learn the "Secrets to 401(k) Success" from CAPTRUST's Errol Hau.
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  • About 401(k) Retirement Plans

    February 21, 2017    5314

    MMA’s Freedom401k™ program is one of the most comprehensive plans available and has offered successful retirement plan solutions for over 20 years.
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