• Export Your Michigan Products Worldwide — A Strategic Opportunity to Grow Revenue

    April 9, 2024    125

    International trade represents a key opportunity for Michigan manufacturers to find new markets, expand sales, and increase profits. The EXIM can equip businesses with the financial tools they need to capitalize on potential markets worldwide.
  • The Roadmap to Industry 4.0’s Global Future Unveiled

    March 28, 2024    322

    MMA member Wipfli covers the three pivotal global trends manufacturers must grasp to navigate the future of Industry 4.0 successfully.
  • Positive First Impression for Your Facility

    March 28, 2024    243

    Automating your entrance with a digital visitor management system is the best way to ensure a positive first impression and show guests that your safety and security standards are paramount. Think about the first impression a visitor has when they enter your facility.
  • Core Values Can Evolve With Your Business

    March 28, 2024    243

    MMA member Amigo Mobility International presents a case study of that demonstrates how their core values helped evolve their business.
  • Getting Started with eCommerce

    March 28, 2024    245

    With B2B buyers expecting a B2C-like shopping experience, the bar is set high for manufacturers and distributors who want to provide an efficient and easy-to-use website for their customers. MMA member Human Element gives you things to consider before getting started with an eCommerce site build.
  • Energy Management Should Be a Priority for Every Manufacturer

    March 28, 2024    262

    If Michigan manufacturers are to remain competitive with manufacturers in other states and around the world, energy cost must be kept at a minimum. MMA member EnStar discusses how energy management needs to become a priority in the planning and decision-making process of every firm.
  • How Artificial Intelligence Fits in a Human’s World

    March 28, 2024    169

    Dale Carnegie, the “father” of the Self-Help Movement, began his formal work and research in human behavior in 1912. He pondered the questions of what differentiated happy, successful people from those that were not happy or successfully fulfilled.
  • Digital Health Tools Aren’t Just Good for Employees — Employers Benefit, Too

    March 28, 2024    185

    Even common health issues, like strep throat or a bout of poison ivy can be quickly resolved with a virtual health visit. With digital solutions, patients have access to advice, vetted resources, and real-time data about their health at their fingertips. MMA member Blue Cross shares how digital tools offer in-depth, in-the-moment support.
  • Navigating Modern Workforce Development Trends in Manufacturing

    March 28, 2024    406

    As technology advances and global markets evolve, companies are constantly adapting to meet the demands of the modern era. MMA member Chatfield helps you navigate modern workforce development trends in manufacturing.
  • Webinar: Webinar: Creating a Coaching Culture for a Multigenerational Workforce

    March 21, 2024    461

    Career Growth’s Dixie Grow leads a culture-changing discussion as she shares why and how your organization would benefit by creating a coaching culture that improves employee engagement, retention and performance, a top 2024 priority for organizational leaders.