• Take Charge of Your Workforce Future

    March 6, 2017    3294

    MMA is excited to announce its partnership with The Manufacturing Institute’s Dream It Do It® program and the SME Education Foundation’s Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education (PRIME®) initiative.
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  • Your Vote Decides Manufacturing’s Future

    March 6, 2017    4463

    In November, manufacturing needs your voice, it needs your vote, and it needs the vote of the manufacturing community.
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  • Insurance Forms

    March 4, 2017    12389

    Download and print the forms you need to manage your benefits program.
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  • About Membership

    March 3, 2017    6

    The power of membership.
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  • How to Reduce the Risks of International Trade and Succeed Overseas

    March 3, 2017    7392

    There’s an incredible amount of untapped marketing potential in the world just waiting for the right manufacturer to capitalize on it. Are you that manufacturer? Could your brand be a global brand?
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  • Going International? Think Free Trade Agreements

    March 3, 2017    3110

    Making the leap into exporting internationally can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.
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  • The Three Levels of Export Control Preparedness

    March 3, 2017    3176

    Would your business — the business you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into — be prepared for sale to a foreign buyer?
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  • Resources at Your Fingertips: MIOSHA CET Grants

    March 3, 2017    3389

    Keep workplace safety a top priority — connect with one of these resources today.
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  • About Michigan Manufacturing

    March 3, 2017    4315

    Manufacturing includes many different subsectors of the Michigan economy — automotive, metals, machinery, food & beverage, plastics, rubber, bioscience, furniture, chemical products, computer and electronics, defense, etc.
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  • About MMA

    March 3, 2017    4352

    MMA is Michigan's leading advocate focused solely on securing a prosperous future for Michigan manufacturers through effective advocacy, meaningful education and strategic business services.
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