• How to Grow in the Midst of a Talent Shortage

    January 14, 2022    1032

    Despite a record-setting year in 2021 for many Michigan manufacturers, the No. 1 challenge continues to be talent recruitment. Learn how some companies are growing in the midst of a talent shortage.
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  • Winning — and Keeping — Manufacturing Jobs and Investment in Michigan

    January 14, 2022    795

    For more than 100 years, Michigan has been economically and reputationally defined by the auto industry. Just as the transition from the horse-drawn carriage to the automobile shaped Michigan’s identity at the turn of the 19th century, Michigan is now faced with the imminent electrification of the automobile.
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  • Protecting Manufacturers’ Interests on All Fronts

    January 14, 2022    359

    For more than 35 years the Association, through the MMA Lawyers Committee, closely follows cases involving the misapplication of a law, rule or regulation and will express our interest when the case reaches the Court of Appeals.
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  • Michigan Businesses Need Workers

    January 13, 2022    455

    Many Michigan business organizations supported the passage of the 2020 Clean Slate legislation which increased the number of available workers. While this was an important first step, additional legislation is needed.
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  • Ontario Seeks to Strengthen Michigan-Ontario Manufacturing and Economic Competitiveness

    January 13, 2022    873

    There is much to be optimistic about with respect to the Ontario-Michigan relationship. We are close friends, partners and neighbors. We are also each other’s number one trading partner.
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  • 2021 Legislative Victories and Accomplishments

    January 13, 2022    851

    MMA has been laser-focused on working with the Whitmer Administration and legislative leaders to craft policies that allow the state’s largest and most vital sector to create jobs and drive our state’s economic recovery.
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  • CMMC 2.0: Unraveling Changes Impacting MI Manufacturers

    January 13, 2022    1510

    How Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements impact Michigan manufacturers? Some companies need to properly secure and protect the sensitive information they receive, store and transmit.
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  • MMA Launches MFG Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

    January 13, 2022    498

    To support the growth, education and competitiveness of Michigan’s manufacturing sector, the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) has launched the MFG Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative.
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  • Diversity Equity Inclusion

    January 10, 2022    120

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a crucial, transformational element in the workplace as well as within our society.
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  • Get the Latest on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate and Quarantine Recommendations

    January 7, 2022    1125

    In December, the courts cleared the way for implementation of OSHA’s employer vaccination and testing mandate and the CDC issued new guidance for return to work after COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis. Get the latest from MMA.
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