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  • Using Clean Energy to Transform Business and Break Barriers

    March 4, 2022    904

    Cleaner, greener, more affordable energy is on every manufacturer’s wish list. Dunamis Clean Energy Partners has used clean energy to build a dynamic businesses while supporting the community.
  • CONNEX Michigan

    March 3, 2022    722

    CONNEX™ Michigan is a cloud-based, industry-designed software platform that centralizes the Michigan supply chain network into a searchable scouting database and integrates with the national Manufacturers Marketplace, sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers.
  • Nearly 17,000 Michigan High School Students to Receive Manufacturing and Engineering Education Opportunity Through the SME Education Foundation

    February 24, 2022    302

    The SME Education Foundation received $6 million from the state of Michigan as part of the 2021 education budget to scale the SME PRIME initiative across the state. The award increases the number of schools participating in the unique manufacturer/educator partnership-driven SME PRIME initiative by 16 — there are already 17 SME PRIME schools in Michigan.
  • The Importance of Knowing Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement in the Age of The Great Resignation

    February 24, 2022    947

    This turnover is creating a vacuum for businesses who are losing talent and are unable to recruit new hires quickly enough. As an employer, it is essential to understand the top concerns of your employees and how they affect your hiring, retention, and overall employee engagement.
  • MFG Operations Conference 2022

    February 24, 2022    434

    The MFG Operations Conference on 4/19/22 in East Lansing will provide actionable solutions to operational challenges for Michigan manufacturers. This powerful event offers proven strategies, tools and best practices in the areas of talent recruitment, employee retention and engagement, leadership, technology developments and human resources.
  • Webinar: Foundation Elements of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    February 24, 2022    460

    In this first workshop of four, individuals and leadership teams define the importance of DEI at an individual level and corporate level as well as explore the priorities and measures required to set themselves and the organization up for true transformation and sustainable success.
  • Webinar: CMMC 2.0: Unraveling Changes Impacting Michigan Manufacturers

    February 24, 2022    475

    Are you ready for the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements? Join MMA and ASK, a Convergence Networks Company, to learn about what’s new with CMMC 2.0 and the most crucial steps you need to take in the coming year to prepare.
  • Webinar: How Michigan Manufacturers are Finding Ways to Become More Sustainable

    February 15, 2022    140

    MMA and The Nature Conservancy in Michigan offer practical insights into voluntary actions companies may take to help lower their industrial emissions while staying competitive and retaining talent
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  • MMA Joins Forces with The Nature Conservancy in Michigan to Drive Sustainability

    February 11, 2022    604

    Innovative partnership helps manufacturers improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, explore renewable energy technologies.
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  • Action is Needed to Stem the Growing Disruption Caused by Border Blockade

    February 10, 2022    435

    Canadian truckers have brought their pandemic protests to the US border and, as the situation persists, the team here at MMA is watching closely and urging swift resolution to prevent further disruption to the free flow of people and goods between our nations.
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