• Michigan Manufacturers Release Action Plan for Michigan to Compete and Succeed

    February 9, 2023    276

    MMA released its legislative and regulatory agenda, Compete to Succeed: Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024, which reflects an action plan for creating and maintaining a statewide business climate that allows manufacturers to thrive in a global economy.
  • How New Rule Banning Non-Compete Agreements Could Impact Employers and Contract Workers

    February 3, 2023    553

    Could the FTC’s proposed rule on non-compete agreements mean the end of employers preventing employees from accepting new work? MMA Member Dawda Mann walks you through how the ruling could impact employers and contract workers.
  • 2023 Legislative Outlook

    February 2, 2023    543

    MMA’s Government Affairs team engages at the Capitol to enact change for the greatest benefit of our members and the manufacturing industry. Learn about MMA’s 2023-2024 priorities.
  • Webinar: Workforce Solutions ILC Q&A Session

    January 31, 2023    656

    Bringing together three or more companies to address a shared training need, Industry-Led Collaboratives (ILC) offer many advantages. MMA’s Executive Director of Workforce Solutions Bill Rayl addresses the benefits of partnering with other businesses for talent funding, how to utilize the Going PRO Talent Fund to establish an ILC and what training programs qualify as well as additional resources in this Q&A webinar.
  • Online Training Courses Streamline Forklift Operator Standards and Safety Protocols

    January 27, 2023    312

    Proper training also reduces liability and the dramatic costs associated with damaged products, property and equipment, which is why MMA has partnered with TrainMOR to offer a 20 percent discount on all training programs.
  • Addressing Global Food Waste Challenges with Local Technology

    January 27, 2023    396

    Two Michigan companies — MMA Member DISHER and GTF TEchnologies — have worked together to address these critical issues by developing the RENU™ Drying and Milling System
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Fleetwood Electronics

    January 27, 2023    213

    MMA Industry Member Fleetwood Electronics' Angel Chavez talks about how they provide simple solutions to complex electronics challenges
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Rehmann

    January 27, 2023    503

    MMA Premium Associate Member Rehmann's Tom Shemanski helps clients identify solutions through advisory, financial and consulting services.
  • Commemorating 120 Years of Supporting and Advocating for Michigan Manufacturers

    January 27, 2023    200

    For more than a century, the manufacturing industry has propelled Michigan forward — through good times and in challenging times. A lot has changed from the introduction of the Model T or Michigan’s Arsenal of Democracy but one thing has remained steady: MMA has been the state’s unwavering advocate for the manufacturing industry for 12 decades.
  • Maximize the Going PRO Talent Fund Application with an Industry-Led Collaborative

    January 27, 2023    452

    Locating, training and retaining talent remains a top business challenge for manufacturers and the Going PRO Talent Fund has been a critical tool since 2014. More than $55 million is available to Michigan employers for Fiscal Year 2023, which began 10/1/22 and significant changes have been announced to the award timeline, application and reporting requirements.