• What is Your Business Exit Strategy

    March 16, 2023    621

    If you have a business and you intend to retire or sell it at some point in your lifetime, you need to plan your exit strategy early on. Even if you plan to exit decades into the future, what you do now will set you and your business up for long-term success and avoid large challenges for a sale or transition later.
  • 10 Things Every Manufacturer Should Do to Control Energy Costs - But Too Many Don’t

    March 16, 2023    517

    Virtually every manufacturer wants to cut its energy costs, optimize energy use and improve their sustainability footprint. This can be achieved by taking a few fundamental steps to control how energy is used and paid for.
  • A 360° Leadership Approach

    March 16, 2023    589

    An authentic leader is someone who can lead in all directions — leading down to those you have authority over, leading laterally to those across the hierarchical structure, leading up to those who supervise over you and leading yourself before leading others. This concept is called 360° leadership.
  • The Purpose of the Workplace Has Changed

    March 16, 2023    513

    For many businesses, a necessary step in attracting talent is making the workplace a space people want to come by offering flexibility, streamlined systems and employee-centered design. To maximize the potential of technological upgrades, it is essential to equally invest in training existing employees and attracting new talent.
  • Repeal of Right-to-Work Reverses Progress of Michigan’s Economic Competitiveness

    March 14, 2023    604

    Today the Michigan Senate passed bills undermining Michigan’s ability to successfully transition its economy at the speed of technological change. The Senate’s action, passed on a straight party-line vote, repeals Michigan’s decade-long Right-to-Work policy and reverses Michigan’s attractiveness for new jobs and economic growth.
  • Michigan Manufacturers Association Says Repeal of Right-to-Work Reverses Progress of Michigan’s Economic Competitiveness

    March 14, 2023    487

    Since 1902, the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) has served Michigan manufacturers through legislative advocacy that supports the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and Michigan economy. Today, the Association stood in opposition to legislation passed by the Michigan Senate that undermines Michigan’s ability to successfully transition its economy at the speed of technological change.
  • Creating Empowering Benefits Communication Beyond Open Enrollment

    March 10, 2023    1045

    With open enrollment now a distant memory for most employees, it is time to revisit your employee benefits communication plan. Taking a year-round communication approach ensures your employees are aware of and utilizing the entirety of your benefit offerings.
  • Webinar: Does Your Business Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

    March 10, 2023    792

    MMA has partnered with Omega Accounting Solutions to educate its members about the benefits of the R & D Tax Credit. This could potentially provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction to businesses qualifying tax liabilities for specific expenses.
  • Webinar: Learn more about GDI Integrated Facility Services

    March 9, 2023    835

    MMA has partnered with GDI Integrated Facility Services to provide Michigan manufacturers a one-call destination for expert facility services. GDI is committed to your facilities’ health, safety and welcoming environments for your associates, clients and guests.
  • Right-to-Work Repeal Will Hurt Michigan

    March 9, 2023    615

    If Michigan loses its decade-long status as a Right-To-Work state, the Great Lakes State will remove itself from the list of states for potential new investment for both companies outside of Michigan and those who are already here. Whether the new investment is related to electric vehicle and battery production, or based in the knowledge economy, semiconductors or green energy, Michigan will lose future investment and we will lose good-paying manufacturing jobs.