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Manufacturing Issues

Manufacturing's Strategy for Michigan's Future

The Michigan Manufacturing Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is the road map to continue that positive momentum. Check MMA’s our top legislative and regulatory priorities for 2019-2020.

  • Learn more about the Tax issues below and other related issues by contacting Mike Johnston at 517-487-8554 or
  • Exemption for PPE as Industrial Processing
    The Department of Treasury issued Revenue Administrative Bulletin 2020-9 in response to the MMA Tax Policy Committee’s request to exempt personal protection equipment (PPE) related to COVID-19 by including it in the definition of industrial processing. This important win represents a significant tax cut specifically for manufacturers that have spent significant resources on newly required PPE.
  • State Tribunal Issues Win for MFG on “Dark Stores”
    The Michigan Tax Tribunal issued a significant win for manufacturers last week by debunking accusations by local governments, described as “the dark store theory.” MMA has been engaged in this issue for many years, both legislatively and with the MMA Lawyers Committee filing an amicus brief in an effort to get the case to the Michigan Supreme Court.
  • Governor Whitmer Signs Property Tax Appeals Extension
    On 6/11/20, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed MMA-supported Public Act 88 of 2020, which would extend the property tax appeals deadline for commercial and industrial property 90 days for 2020 only to 8/31/20. The bill received overwhelming legislative support.
  • Short-Term Property Tax Relief Legislation
    As manufacturers continue to struggle with the developing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sudden lack of cash flow and difficult workforce decisions could affect their ability to pay pending property tax bills. A new two-bill package, House Bill 5761 and House Bill 5810, now before the House Appropriations Committee, would add an 11-and-a-half month grace period to help manufacturers avoid incurring penalties or interest fees and set up a one-time early settlement fund to protect local governments’ ability to pay police, fire and other essential services.
  • Informational Hearing on MEGA Tax Credits
    The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) provided an informational presentation on the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) Tax Credits during a recent meeting of the Senate Finance Committee.
  • Good Jobs for Michigan Gets Senate Committee Approval
    The Senate Economic and Small Business Development Committee reported Senate Bill 492, MMA-supported legislation to continue the Good Jobs for Michigan program. The program, which has already generated 8,200 new Michigan jobs and over $5.1 billion in private sector investment, expired on 12/31/19.
  • Senator Horn Introduces Bill to Support Automotive Research
    Michigan’s future is dependent on research and development as it competes with other states for capital investment. New legislation, introduced by Senator Ken Horn, will help ensure Michigan remains a leading location for new investment into the automotive sector. Learn more.
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  • Be on the Lookout for Impostor Unemployment Claims
    The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) and Michigan State Police (MSP) are warning individuals and companies to be on the lookout for fraudulent unemployment claims being filed by identity thieves. The US Secret Service has also issued an alert on the problem nationally after identifying an international criminal ring exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to file impostor claims for unemployment. In addition to identity validation requirements passed into law in 2017 through MMA-supported legislation, the UIA is employing additional fraud protections to verify identity and authenticate claim eligibility.
  • Michigan House Seeks to Backstop UI Trust Fund
    Michigan’s unemployment insurance (UI) system is 100% employer-funded and requires careful protection and stewardship. MMA is working with Senator Jim Stamas on legislation to protect the long-term solvency of the UI Trust Fund (UITF) through the supplemental appropriations bill SB 690. This bill would include $500 million to support the UITF, in addition to $1.2 billion in support of various COVID-19 programs.
  • Hearing Scheduled on Legislation to Limit Prior Authorization and Step Therapy
    The Senate Committee on Health and Human Policy will have a hearing regarding Senate Bill 612 on Thursday, 2/6/20. SB 612 would make several significant changes to prior authorization and step therapy requirements that health insurers use to control utilization and costs.
  • State UIA Announces Tax Savings for Employers
    The Michigan UIA announced the early retirement of bonds issued in 2012 to stabilize the state’s unemployment program. The payoff of the bonds means the early elimination of the Obligation Assessment (OA), which has added about $455 million each year to contributing employer UI costs. While the investment in this solution resulted in long-term savings for employers, the bonds’ early retirement make manufacturers more competitive by freeing up capital for greater investment and job growth.
  • House Passes Criminal Record Expungement Legislation with MMA Amendments
    The House passed improved legislation to expand Michigan’s criminal record expungement law with overwhelming support. Amendments advanced by MMA included liability protection for employers and the exclusion of certain sophisticated white collar crimes from the automatic expungement process.
  • Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act in Effect
    Michigan’s New Paid Medical Leave Act went into effect on 3/29/19. MMA has compiled a number of resources assist your company in compliance. Access MMA's Basics of Compliance document and an informational video from MMA and Miller Canfield online.
  • Learn more about the Talent issues below and other related issues by contacting Mike Johnston at 517-487-8554 or
  • Governor’s E.O. Creates Michigan Workforce Development Board
    Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-107 on Friday, 5/29/20, which created the Michigan Workforce Development Board. The Board will consist of key industry, labor and community leaders who will look to expand Michigan’s workforce, economic and educational goals.
  • Senate Committee Hears Testimony on MMA-Supported Talent Bills
    The Senate Committee on Education and Career Readiness held a hearing to discuss multiple MMA-supported talent and workforce-related bills including legislation to provide more flexibility in graduation requirements and extending a provision to allow a CTE program to satisfy one of the required foreign language credits.
  • Senate Panel Inquires About High School Talent Credential
    The Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee heard a presentation from the Michigan Department of Education regarding the ways in which K-12 students are tested in Michigan’s educational system. A key focus of the presentation and of the committee members’ questions was the ACT WorkKeys® assessment, which is given to all students in grade 11 and results in a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) credential. This nationally-recognized, evidence-based credential measures workplace skills and has been a reliable predictor of workplace success used by employers nationwide to properly place job applicants in a position. MMA supports the WorkKeys® and will continue to fight for meaningful policies and tools that will help manufacturers across the state recruit and retain top talent.
  • Reorganization of Talent, Economic Development and Labor Agencies
    Governor Whitmer issued an Executive Order to reorganize several state agencies with responsibilities pertaining to talent, economic development and labor. Learn more.
  • Learn more about the Health Care issues below and other related issues by contacting David Worthams at 517-487-8511 or
  • MMA Urges Congressional Leaders to Delay Health Insurance Tax Implementation
    With the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) scheduled to go into effect, MMA is supporting delayed implementation due to the overwhelming probability of serious financial difficulties and the negative economic impact we believe it will have for the manufacturing industry across the nation. MMA sent letters to Michigan’s Congressional leadership urging them to pass H.R. 1398 in order to extend the suspension of the HIT for 2020 and 2021 to help keep insurance premiums more affordable for Michigan manufacturers.
  • Legislature Overturns New CON Rule  
    The Legislature passed a concurrent resolution, SCR 14, to disapprove new rules established by the Certificate of Need (CON) Commission to regulate Immune Effector Cell Therapy (IECT) Services, the first time that the Legislature has taken such an action.
  • Federal Health Care Taxes Repealed
    Health care puchasers and leading benefits providers applauded federal action last month to repeal the dreaded Cadillac Tax — a tax aimed at employers that provide above-average benefits to their employees. Congress and President Trump also acted to repeal the Medical Device Tax and Health Insurance Tax, the latter essentially a sales tax on health insurance.
  • Surprise Medical Billing Legislation Moves to Senate Vote
    The Senate Insurance Committee reported out an MMA-supported four-bill package, Senate Bills 570-573, which would would address unexpected and costly bills sent to patients by out-of-network providers. MMA is working at both the state and federal levels to support solutions to protect patients from unaffordable “Surprise Medical Bills” which arrive when a non-participating provider bills the patient for any balance left outstanding after the health insurance provider pays its share.
  • MMA Joins Partnership of America’s Health Care Future  
    In an effort to bring greater attention to the high cost of health care and the many health care-related issues impacting Michigan competitiveness, MMA has added its name to the Partnership of America’s Health Care Future (PAHCF). With a mission of lowering costs, expanding patient choice, improving access, enhancing quality and fostering innovation, this coalition will strengthen the voices of state and national business groups while working to create the health care future every manufacturer deserves.
  • MMA Leads HICA Elimination Effort  
    Rising health care costs are a top concern for Michigan manufacturers, which is why MMA has been actively engaged in the fight to eliminate the Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA) tax. Learn more.
  • Learn more about the Regulatory issues below and other related issues by contacting Dave Greco at 517-487-8543 or
  • House Passes Resolution Supporting Great Lakes Tunnel
    The Great Lakes Tunnel is a critical part of Michigan’s economy, providing the energy the state needs during unprecedented economic challenges and helping provide safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally sound energy for Michigan’s citizens and businesses. In support of this much-needed effort, MMA was proud to see passage of House Resolution 282 which seeks to affirm permitting support for the construction of tunnels sheltering the Line 5 pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac.
  • MMA Op-Ed Supports Great Lakes Tunnel
    The construction of the Great Lakes Tunnel is an essential infrastructure project to secure Michigan’s economy and energy future. MMA President & CEO John Walsh co-authored a recent article in Bridge Michigan on the important role the tunnel will have on the state’s short-term jobs and long-term economic interests. Learn more.
  • MMA Supports Legislation to Solve Michigan’s Aggregate Shortage
    Rebuilding Michigan’s infrastructure is a statewide issue that impacts all manufacturers and Senate Bill 431 is a great example of meaningful compromise that results in a solution that will guarantee vital, necessary aggregate materials are available, contain costs and protect taxpayers all while protecting our environment and communities.
  • Enbridge Wins at Court of Appeals Over Attorney General’s Request for Stay
    A state Court of Appeals denied an effort by Attorney General Dana Nessel to stay an October Court of Claims ruling validating the effort by Enbridge Energy to move forward on plans to construct a tunnel to house the existing Line 5 pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac.
  • No Stricter Than Federal Legislation Aims to Protect Your Business
    An essential protection supported by the MMA to reduce state government overreach and anti-competitive regulations was passed by the House of Representatives 57-50. Learn more.
  • Learn more about the Environmental issues below and other related issues by contacting Dave Greco at 517-487-8543 or
  • Update on PFAS Rule Promulgation
    Michigan’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) heard testimony from MMA on the proposed Safe Drinking Water Standards ruleset, which flagged critical areas of concerns with the proposed rules, as well as solutions to enhance and improve the rules. While JCAR previously articulated many of these concerns and questions to EGLE in a formal letter from Chairman Lucido on 6/1/20 and raised similar questions at the committee hearing, JCAR allowed the rules to advance forward.
  • MMA Submits Comment on Chloride & Sulfate Implementation Plan
    MMA submitted comments on EGLE’s Draft Chloride & Sulfate Water Quality Criteria Implementation Plan as the Association continues to have serious concerns about the workability of the implementation plan with respect to members subject to the new standards.
  • MMA Independent Review Study Crucial in PFAS Drinking Water Rules Process
    On 6/3/20, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) underscored the importance of MMA’s independent peer review of the proposed PFAS drinking water rules. In a letter to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), JCAR is seeking further clarification and answers in line with MMA’s noted concerns.
  • MMA Files Support for Science-Based PFAS Drinking Water Rules
    MMA filed formal written comments and an independent peer review with the state regarding PFAS drinking water standards. Comments include recommendations for the use of defensible, settled science and an accurate accounting of costs to citizens, local communities and employers.
  • Governor Signs MMA-Led Air Fee Legislation
    Governor Whitmer signed Senate Bill 530 which will enact the new air fee formula developed as a result of the work of the MMA Title V Air Fee Work Group. MMA was also able to secure, for the first time in the history of the fee, a $2 million General Fund appropriation to sufficiently fund the Title V program without unduly burdening MMA members with dramatic fee increases.
  • MMA-Supported Mining Bill Moves Through House
    Mining’s future in Michigan could become stronger thanks to MMA-supported legislation which received near-unanimous support from the House. Learn more.
  • Governor Issues Executive Order Reorganizing State Agencies, Protects MMA-Supported Panels
    The Legislature voiced its intention to avoid pursuing further challenges to Governor Whitmer’s plans to reorganize state government now that efforts to eliminate MMA-supported regulatory advisory panels were removed from a revised Executive Order. Learn more here.
  • Learn more about pending Energy issues by contacting Mike Johnston at 517-487-8554 or

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