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  • Storch Products - 2023 Manufacturing Innovation Excellence

    May 28, 2024    354

    Storch Products fosters a culture of innovation through visionary leadership, employee empowerment and a relentless pursuit of excellence and was recognized for those efforts with the 2023 Manufacturing Innovation Excellence award.
  • Overview of Select Industrial Real Estate Markets: Q1 2024

    May 23, 2024    396

    By offering MMA members quarterly updates on industrial real estate markets, we hope to educate and inform our Michigan manufacturers about their local real estate market and thereby assist them in improving their real estate decision-making processes.
  • How to Avoid Cyberattacks Taking Down Your Manufacturing Organization

    May 14, 2024    565

    In the time-sensitive manufacturing industry, you can’t afford to have any weaknesses in your cybersecurity. Just one malfunction can derail the entire supply chain at a significant cost to your business, let alone the time-consuming process of recovering from a cyberattack. MMA member CNWR offers essential moves to protect your manufacturing business.
  • Armstrong International - 2023 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year (Large Tier)

    May 13, 2024    853

    Founded in 1900, Armstrong International is a private, fifth-generation family-owned thermal utility focused on developing products that are vital to create a sustainable energy future and was recognized for their efforts with the 2023 Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award – Large Tier.
  • Why Go Global

    May 2, 2024    659

    While the upside of going global is tremendous, it is not without its challenges. MMA member Exim outlines a few items your company needs to consider when they decide to go global.
  • Michigan Manufacturing Labor Market Update

    April 26, 2024    679

    The manufacturing labor market in Michigan is a critical sector that significantly contributes to the state’s economy, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. A Cushman & Wakefield and US Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis of recent demographics offers insights into current trends and future projections in key metropolitan areas, including Detroit, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.
  • Getman Corporation - 2023 Michigan Manufactured Export of the Year

    April 24, 2024    880

    The A64 HD Water Cannon from Getman Corporation represents significant improvements in safety for the underground mining industry, as well as an expansion into export markets across the globe. The Water Cannon was awarded the inaugural Michigan Manufactured Export of the Year at the 2023 Manufacturing Excellence Awards.
  • Simple Steps to Combat Selling’s Three Deadly Cs

    April 12, 2024    661

    The Three Deadly Cs — Commoditization, Compressed selling time and Consensus decision making — are eroding margins and rendering traditional selling strategies obsolete. MMA member Blue Salesfly outlines simple steps to help you prepare for the new battleground.
  • Building Businesses, Strengthening Communities

    April 9, 2024    703

    People are the foundation of manufacturing growth and the recent MMA Operations Conference provided solutions to enhance team morale and promote business growth. A selection of Conference speakers provide insights to help members.
  • Industry Member Spotlight: Barron Industries

    April 9, 2024    695

    Interview with Barron Industries President and CEO Bruce Barron
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Radian Compliance

    April 9, 2024    483

    Interview with Radian Compliance Managing Partners Sally Smoczynski and Lisa DuBrock
  • MMA Solutions for Success: Dale Carnegie Training Offered by Ralph Nichols Group

    April 9, 2024    518

    MMA members can access discounted training through “Dale Carnegie Training Offered by Ralph Nichols Group.” Dale Carnegie is ISO 9001 certified, providing manufacturing teams with the greatest quality leadership training in the world.
  • MFG Game Changers: M R Products Inc. - Home of Mr. Chain

    April 9, 2024    534

    Manufacturers have a critical need to keep people safe by creating barriers around the shop floor. For more than 64 years, a small business in a small town has made a global impact on safety by making reusable, safe and lightweight chain barriers.
  • Using Wage Data to Maintain a Leadership Position in Your Region

    April 9, 2024    508

    The best companies are always benchmarking themselves against their competitors and other employers in their region and beyond. MMA's Bill Rayl walks you through an easy way to get wage info for every area of the state on a timely basis.
  • Strategies for Increasing Retention in Plants

    April 9, 2024    435

    The financial cost of turnover has resulted in this being cited as a main priority for 2024. Instead of continuing to engage in wage wars and accepting the high cost of replacing employees, MMA member Career Growth offers proven solutions for investing in your people.
  • The Power of Mentorship in Manufacturing

    April 9, 2024    476

    Mentorship holds diverse meanings across various industries, including manufacturing. At its core, mentoring conveys a powerful message to your team — a message of care, commitment and a willingness to invest in their growth.
  • Export Your Michigan Products Worldwide — A Strategic Opportunity to Grow Revenue

    April 9, 2024    487

    International trade represents a key opportunity for Michigan manufacturers to find new markets, expand sales, and increase profits. The EXIM can equip businesses with the financial tools they need to capitalize on potential markets worldwide.
  • The Roadmap to Industry 4.0’s Global Future Unveiled

    March 28, 2024    881

    MMA member Wipfli covers the three pivotal global trends manufacturers must grasp to navigate the future of Industry 4.0 successfully.
  • Positive First Impression for Your Facility

    March 28, 2024    627

    Automating your entrance with a digital visitor management system is the best way to ensure a positive first impression and show guests that your safety and security standards are paramount. Think about the first impression a visitor has when they enter your facility.
  • Core Values Can Evolve With Your Business

    March 28, 2024    623

    MMA member Amigo Mobility International presents a case study of that demonstrates how their core values helped evolve their business.
  • Getting Started with eCommerce

    March 28, 2024    648

    With B2B buyers expecting a B2C-like shopping experience, the bar is set high for manufacturers and distributors who want to provide an efficient and easy-to-use website for their customers. MMA member Human Element gives you things to consider before getting started with an eCommerce site build.
  • Energy Management Should Be a Priority for Every Manufacturer

    March 28, 2024    738

    If Michigan manufacturers are to remain competitive with manufacturers in other states and around the world, energy cost must be kept at a minimum. MMA member EnStar discusses how energy management needs to become a priority in the planning and decision-making process of every firm.
  • How Artificial Intelligence Fits in a Human’s World

    March 28, 2024    518

    Dale Carnegie, the “father” of the Self-Help Movement, began his formal work and research in human behavior in 1912. He pondered the questions of what differentiated happy, successful people from those that were not happy or successfully fulfilled.
  • Digital Health Tools Aren’t Just Good for Employees — Employers Benefit, Too

    March 28, 2024    492

    Even common health issues, like strep throat or a bout of poison ivy can be quickly resolved with a virtual health visit. With digital solutions, patients have access to advice, vetted resources, and real-time data about their health at their fingertips. MMA member Blue Cross shares how digital tools offer in-depth, in-the-moment support.
  • Navigating Modern Workforce Development Trends in Manufacturing

    March 28, 2024    1201

    As technology advances and global markets evolve, companies are constantly adapting to meet the demands of the modern era. MMA member Chatfield helps you navigate modern workforce development trends in manufacturing.
  • 5 Ways Your Blue Cross Plan Can Help You Practice Self-Care

    March 19, 2024    979

    Self-Care The World Health Organization defines health as, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” Work, school and family life seem to always take first priority, but self-care is crucial to your own well-being. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has multiple tools that will help you practice self-care.
  • 6 Essentials Every Organization’s AI Policy Must Include

    March 19, 2024    921

    To ensure your organization and its people navigate the AI landscape successfully and safely, it’s imperative to establish a comprehensive policy. MMA member Rehmann covers how such a policy will serve as your team’s roadmap to leveraging AI technologies while ensuring ethical, secure and effective use.
  • Achieving True Employee Engagement through Process-Based Leadership and Open-Book Management

    March 14, 2024    748

    Many aspects of a company impact employee engagement. It starts with having a business philosophy and set of company values with which the employees can identify. Combine this with an excellent work environment, great pay and benefits, and you are on your way to creating an environment where engagement can flourish.
  • Creating a Sustainable Culture of Innovation

    March 14, 2024    642

    Innovation is not a word meant only for the greatest and brightest minds nor is it reserved for job titles and departments. Innovation is something that lives and breathes within each of us. It’s time to recognize and bring to light that the “soft” and “empathic” skills we have historically suppressed in the manufacturing industry are, indeed, what fuels innovation.
  • Driving Profitability: Understanding Your Costs & Operational Performance

    March 14, 2024    696

    Many small and mid-size manufacturers struggle with profitability for the same reason: They haven’t fully captured their total cost of production and its impact on operating performance. Understanding the total cost to manufacture and the ability to monitor operating performance are key to driving profitability.
  • Adopting a Human Learning Model that Complements Lean Manufacturing

    March 14, 2024    652

    The benefits of Lean Manufacturing and its associated methods and tools are undeniable. Lean Manufacturing has proven its value and is rightfully here to stay; but it does have its limitations. Where Lean Manufacturing falls short is in the skill development of humans.
  • Kirlin Lighting - 2023 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan

    March 7, 2024    1460

    Kirlin Lighting’s INFRALED PRO Motorized Exam Lights provide a safe, easy-to-operate alternative to boom-mounted exam lighting systems. A people’s choice vote determined that the recessed, remote-aimable motorized exam lighting system was the 2023 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan.
  • The Complete Cycle and Impact of an Automotive Strike

    March 5, 2024    965

    Every industry and business has their ups and downs. MMA member Veryable aims to dissect the stages of a full cycle so that manufacturers can understand where they are at, the impact(s) on their business and what they can do about it.
  • Expand Your Employee Attraction, Preparation and Retention Efforts by Leveraging Industry 4.0 Technologies

    March 5, 2024    806

    MMA has partnered with Automation Alley to present Navigating the Future: Global Industry 4.0 Trends, Standards & Policy. Read insights from MMA on expanding employee attraction, retention and more.
  • Navigating Industry 4.0 Challenges: The Imperative of Collaboration and Connectivity

    March 4, 2024    760

    MMA has partnered with Automation Alley to present Navigating the Future: Global Industry 4.0 Trends, Standards & Policy. Read insights from MMA on navigating Industry 4.0 and more.
  • The Power of Thought Leadership: Engaging Employees and Shaping Company Culture

    February 26, 2024    1649

    In the complex landscape of modern business, the concept of thought leadership has emerged as a vital tool for leaders across industries. MMA member Walker Publicity outlines key ways in which being a thought leader helps leaders connect with their companies.
  • Overview of Select Industrial Real Estate Markets: Q4 2023

    February 23, 2024    1090

    By offering MMA members quarterly updates on industrial real estate markets, we hope to educate and inform our Michigan manufacturers about their local real estate market and thereby assist them in improving their real estate decision-making processes.
  • How Can Digital Marketing Propel Michigan’s Manufacturers Ahead in 2024?

    February 1, 2024    1439

    MMA member Manufacture Grow demystifies digital marketing and explains why it is crucial for your manufacturing business in Michigan.
  • The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024

    February 1, 2024    1144

    MMA Premium Associate Member Acena Consulting provides a short recap of the provisions agreed to by US Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, and House Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith, R-Missouri regarding the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024.
  • Creative Strategies to Generate Value and Increase Profit in 2024

    January 31, 2024    1117

    Following another challenging year, manufacturers can take some specific steps to capitalize on bright spots by prioritizing new KPIs and focusing on key elements such as cash flow, people, culture and technology. Find out more in this on-demand video Q&A with MMA and Mike Devereux, partner with Wipfli, a top 20 advisory and accounting firm.
  • Engage Your Manufacturing Voice

    January 25, 2024    847

    Supporting pro-manufacturing legislators promotes pro-manufacturing solutions.
  • Revenue and Sustainability Support with Member-Exclusive Energy Reduction Program

    January 25, 2024    913

    MMA members can now earn revenue by agreeing to reduce energy usage through a new partnership between CPower, Enstar Energy and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), which operates the Midwest and South Central power grid.
  • Specialized On-Demand Labor Solution Augments and Defines Workforce Needs

    January 25, 2024    1268

    Veryable helps manufacturing and warehousing businesses augment their teams and navigate these fluctuations while ensuring that qualified workers are available when needed.
  • Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Acena Consulting

    January 25, 2024    877

    Interview with Acena Consulting Senior Manager-Business Development Dan Osterland
  • Industry Member Spotlight: MFP Automation Engineering

    January 25, 2024    742

    Interview with MFP's Engineering Manager Jake DeRooy
  • Making an Impact for Industry at the Capitol

    January 25, 2024    667

    Despite legislative challenges, there were still many wins for manufacturers in 2023. Learn more and find out why MMA remains optimistic going into 2024.
  • 2024 Outlook Report Reveals Why Manufacturers Are Optimistic About 2024

    January 24, 2024    902

    Supply chain issues, employee retention and data security are big concerns shaping leaders’ decisions according to a survey of more than 330 manufacturing executives across the country. However, according to a survey by MMA member Wipfli, most manufacturers remain optimistic about the future of the industry and are ready to tackle these obstacles head-on.
  • Case Systems and BOSTONtec - 2023 Manufacturing Community Impact

    January 10, 2024    1210

    Giving back to the community through local philanthropy and engagement is fundamental to the culture that drives Midland-based Case Systems, Inc and its subsidiary company, BOSTONtec and is why they were recognized with the 2023 Manufacturing Community Impact award.
  • Industry Collaboration & Community Celebrated at 2023 Manufacturing Excellence Awards

    November 30, 2023    948

    The 2023 Manufacturing Excellence Awards was a night of collaboration, community and celebration as a sold-out crowd gathered in East Lansing to recognize the best of the best in Michigan’s most vital industry.
  • Integrity Fab & Machine Inc. - 2023 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year (Small Tier)

    November 30, 2023    1894

    Integrity isn't just a name for Integrity Fab & Machine Inc., it’s a way of doing business and a way of life. That's why the company was chosen for the 2023 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award – Small Tier.
  • Jon D. Hall - Glastender Inc. - Manufacturing Lifetime Achievement

    November 30, 2023    1106

    Jon Hall is a natural-born innovator focused on continual improvement and has left an indelible mark on the industry and was recognized with the 2023 Manufacturing Lifetime Achievement award.
  • DENSO Manufacturing Michigan Inc. - 2023 Manufacturing Talent Champion

    November 30, 2023    1381

    DENSO Manufacturing Michigan Inc.’s dedication to education, diversity and community makes the company a highly deserving recipient of the 2023 Manufacturing Talent Champion award.
  • Ronald E. Hall - Bridgewater Interiors - 2023 Manufacturing Emerging Leader

    November 30, 2023    1603

    Ronald Hall's life experiences, energy, creativity, commitment to the community and passion for the manufacturing industry truly made him deserving of the the 2023 Manufacturing Emerging Leader award.
  • Sachiko Johnson - Jordan Manufacturing Company - 2023 Manufacturing Woman of the Year

    November 28, 2023    1580

    Due to her genuine compassion for the team, leadership skills and the impact she has had at Jordan Manufacturing and within the community, Sachiko Johnson is a deserving recipient of the 2023 Manufacturing Woman of the Year award.
  • Amplifying Organic Leads for Your Manufacturing Business: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers

    November 22, 2023    1151

    As a dedicated marketer in the manufacturing sector, you understand the challenges of driving organic traffic and leads to your company's website. MMA member StoryTeller Media + Communications delves into proven strategies that can boost your organic leads without straining your budget.
  • Overview of Select Industrial Real Estate Markets: Q3 2023

    November 22, 2023    1206

    Over the past several years the industrial real estate market has undergone significant changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted e-commerce and supply chain logistics. Dominion Real Estate Advisors has collaborated with the MMA to provide an updates concerning select major industrial real estate markets in Michigan.
  • The Manufacturer’s Guide to ERP Optimization and Selection

    November 22, 2023    1373

    Avoid overspending or a needlessly frustrating implementation process when it's time to replace your existing ERP system with insights from MMA member Rehmann to help implement the best ERP for your needs.
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification A Focus on Essentials

    November 8, 2023    1432

    Today’s everchanging cybersecurity landscape has a large impact on manufacturers, as it would on any business with systems and data. The U.S. Department of Defense has been focused on ensuring companies in the Defense Industrial Base are protecting DoD information entrusted to them as contractually required since 2017 . A need to create more structure around compliance has resulted in the creation of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).
  • Real Time Monitoring: Empowering Manufacturing Industries with Industry 4.0 Solutions

    November 8, 2023    2029

    As businesses worldwide move toward Industry 4.0, the fusion of advanced technologies with manufacturing processes takes centre stage. MMA member MN Engineering Solutions Inc. dives into what real-time monitoring entails and how it benefits Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other manufacturing industries, enhancing production, Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) and more.
  • Leverage Industry 4.0 Technologies to Expand Employee Attraction, Preparation and Retention

    November 7, 2023    1143

    When it comes to retention, the problems — and the solutions — often occur in the realms of communication, recognition and mutual respect. There are I4.0 technologies that can, for instance, improve lines of communication between managers and production floor workers or between workers on different shifts. But much of the retention challenges related to I4.0 come from the friction between people and technology.

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