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With more than 60 million American caregivers, the U.S is in the midst of a hidden caregiver crisis that impacts employees and employer alike. When valuable employees lose valuable time caregiving for an aging loved one, everyone is impacted. 

Caregiving is a Business Distraction Too Large to Ignore

Employees caring for aging or special needs loved ones has a direct impact on the bottom line. Companies incur millions of dollars of hidden costs each year due to employee caregiving. Now is the time to consider the cost of turnover, reduced diversity and inclusion, poor mental health and well-being, and decreased employee productivity.

A New Kind of Employee Benefit

As a new benefit to members, MMA has partnered with Homethrive to offer an inclusive wellness benefit that helps your employees who are caring for aging or special needs loved ones.  MMA’s partnership with Homethrive will help you retain your employees who deal with the mental and physical load of their competing responsibilities while creating a culture that allows working caregivers to maintain — and thrive — in all their roles.

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