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Have a Hand in Growing Your Future Workforce

Through connection, collaboration and community, MMA has created the Workforce Solutions Collaborative Network framework in communities across the state. By developing employer-led collaboratives focused on addressing the need for a sustainable manufacturing talent pipeline, local stakeholders — including manufacturers, schools, community organizations and more — work together to establish and expand meaningful work-based learning opportunities for students.

Work-based learning offers manufacturers a chance to leave a positive impact on future talent and cultivate a hand-crafted skilled workforce. Providing students with an opportunity for hands-on experience and helping to shape curriculum gives manufacturers the rare opportunity to tailor a workforce with the skills, competencies, certifications and experience that they look for in their employees. The ultimate goal of this solution is to function as a statewide manufacturing talent development supply chain ecosystem, delivering highly trained individuals to manufacturers for decades to come.

The Need

Manufacturers are facing pressing workforce challenges, with both an underdeveloped talent pipeline and a shortage of skilled workers. These challenges can impact an organization’s productivity, slow growth, and threaten competitiveness. As industry continues to evolve and embrace advanced technologies, demand for a workforce with specialized skills continues to rise. Engaging directly with students provides an opportunity for manufacturers to have a hand in creating their own workforce and to correct common misconceptions about careers in the field.

Traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough to fill the talent pipeline. Ask any manufacturer and they’ll share that the skillset needed is not simply a one-size-fits-all approach, adding to the challenge of finding the right people with the necessary toolkit of competencies and certifications. The time is now to proactively address challenges with the talent pipeline and have a direct hand in creating the next generation of skilled manufacturing talent. Manufacturers can no longer sit on the sidelines, expecting the right talent for their needs to show up at their door.

Call to Action

Engaging in a work-based learning program for students is a strategic investment in your short- and long-term workforce pipeline goals. Get involved today by joining or creating a Workforce Solutions Collaborative Network partnership.


Through connection, collaboration and community, PRIME establishes and expands work-based learning opportunities for high school students across Michigan. This network is part of MMA’s ultimate goal to create a statewide manufacturing-focused talent ecosystem that delivers highly-trained individuals to Michigan’s manufacturers. Learn more.

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