Membership Referral Program

MMA plays a vital role in creating a strong economic environment for Michigan manufacturing and our members are the lifeline of the Association. It is because of our members that we are able to grow and sustain the industry — now and into the future.

Help expand our MMA community by sharing the value of membership with your friends and colleagues. Take pride in strengthening the industry and be rewarded on your annual dues investment.

When you help recruit a new member, you ensure continued growth and support of a thriving Michigan manufacturing industry. To show our appreciation when a company you refer joins MMA, you’ll save 10% off your next annual membership dues. Plus, the company you refer will save 10% off their first-year membership investment.

How the Referral Program Works

  1. Simply submit your referral online (login and look to the bottom right of MyMMA).
  2. If you use the online form, your referral will receive an invitation to join MMA.
  3. When your referral joins, have them include your name and your company’s on their MMA membership application.
  4. When your referral joins, they save and you’ll save.

Tips on Recruiting New Members

  • Your personal recommendation is often the most valuable selling point to a colleague. People are four times more likely to make a decision if referred by a friend.
  • Invite a prospective colleague to attend an MMA event to experience the benefits of MMA membership first-hand.
  • Start a discussion about MMA membership, emphasizing the benefits and value. (Check out shareable membership materials below or contact MMA’s Elizabeth Maciejewski, at 517-487-8542 or, to request materials.)
  • Keep issues of MiMfg Magazine on display to attract the eyes of potential new members.
  • Post announcements of MMA events on your website.
  • Engage through social media by liking MMA on Facebook, following us on Twitter, watching on YouTube, sharing on Instagram and connecting on LinkedIn.

Program Rules

  • The program is open to active MMA members.
  • A new member is defined as a company that is not currently an active member of MMA.
  • The referring member will receive a 10% discount for each referred new member that joins up to a maximum of the total dues received by the referred new member or the total dues owed by the referring member.
  • If the referring member’s dues have already been paid for the current year, the discount will apply to the next calendar year’s membership.
  • Referral credits are not redeemable for cash, cannot be transferred and cannot be carried forward to subsequent membership years.
  • Only one member company can receive credit for the new referral. If a new member company has multiple referrals, the newly referred member will be asked to choose one company for the referral credit.
  • Applications received without referral information will be disqualified. Referral discounts cannot be applied retroactively.
  • MMA reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time. In the event that the program is canceled, all referral credits earned will be honored.

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