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Join us Thursday, June 22, to play the Fox Classic Course in Plymouth. Corporate contributions are accepted for this event. Check out the available sponsorship opportunities.


Manufacturers must make their voices heard. We must all become involved in driving our pro-manufacturing agenda. Here are three ways MMA members can make corporate contributions to support MMA’s mission.

Consider spreading your investment throughout the year.

Check out your options.

    • Many decisions that impact Michigan manufacturers are made by elected officials. Electing pro-manufacturing candidates helps move manufacturers’ pro-manufacturing agenda
    • Reporting Required
    • Focus: Candidate Support
    • MMA-PAC can accept personal contributions or contributions from sole-proprietorships, partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs). State Law prohibits acceptance of corporate checks
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  • ImPACt 
    • Allows corporations to provide unlimited support for MMA to advocate for or against political candidates, however, the fund is prohibited from donating money directly to political candidate committees
    • Reporting Required
    • Focus: Candidate Support
    • Call 517-487-8542 to take advantage of your corporate free speech. Corporate checks and credit cards accepted. Company name and dollar amount of contributions to the MMA ImPACt Fund are required to be reported to the State of Michigan under the regulations for this type of committee.
  • AIM
    • No Reporting Required
    • Focus: Issue Awareness
    • accepts corporate contributions to support issue development and public messaging on pro-manufacturing legislation or issues. The fund can commission issue-related studies, develop awareness campaigns and educate the public, and policymakers, on the vital role manufacturing plays in our State
    • Call 517-487-8542 to contribute to the MMA AIM Fund. Corporate checks and credit cards accepted. Contributions to the MMA AIM Fund are not required to be reported

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Director of Membership, Marketing & Events
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