5 Ways Your Blue Cross Plan Can Help You Practice Self-Care

The World Health Organization defines health as, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” In today’s busy age, self-love is often overlooked. Work, school and family life seem to always take first priority, but self-care is crucial to your own well-being. Self-love looks different for everyone — to some, it may mean meditating, to others it could be taking an actual vacation. Whatever the case may be, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has multiple tools that will help you practice self-love.

  • Virtual Well-being Webinars: Blue Cross Health Coach, Matt Wozny hosts online webinars each week on how to foster well-being. The topic varies but each episode offers valuable insights to help you be the healthiest version of you. You can watch the latest episodes here.
  • Blue365 Deals: One perk of being a Blue Cross member is getting access to discounts on plenty of other brands. Blue365 offers discounts on fitness, personal care, financial health and lifestyle and wellness products. Head over to to check out the current offers.
  • MI Blue Skill for Amazon Alexa: Whether you’re on the go and looking for a quick but healthy recipe to give your body the nutrients it needs or you want a 30-second meditation to help you center yourself, the MI Blue Skill for Amazon Alexa can help. Simply enable the skill on your Amazon Alexa-enabled device and ask Alexa.
  • AHealthierMichigan Podcast: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has created a health and wellness podcast, available on both Apple and Android devices. Blue Cross health and wellness experts discuss different health topics each week with host Chuck Gaidica. Take thirty minutes out of your week to listen to hear their best practices. Here’s how you can subscribe.
  • Looking for the best tips on how to practice self-care? has plenty of blogs about fitness, food, mind, prevention and even community events. Find ways to take care of yourself and general well-being practices to keep yourself healthy and happy.

However you choose to practice self-love, make sure you do so regularly. It will keep your mind and body healthy and prevent unnecessary stress.
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