About Industrial Services

  • Control rising energy costs with a free utility bill and facility-wide energy assessment. 
  • EnStar Energy Services understands the complexities of energy management. Let their experts guide you become more energy efficient with: 
    • Facility assessment for ways to save energy
    • Tax recovery for manufacturers
    • Utility bill management
    • Rate schedule verification
    • Options for energy choice
    • Filing for energy rebates
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  • Save with Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC), the second largest parts cleaning and industrial waste services provider in the U.S.
  • MMA members receive free waste profiles and a 25% discount on all HCC services, including
    • Used anti-freeze pick-up and disposal
    • Parts cleaning services (solvent and aqueous)
    • Drum waste management
    • Environmental audits
    • Vacuum Services
    • Universal Waste Services
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  • Members save up to 36% using MMA partner companies UPS® and YRC®. 
  • Bonus Savings: Get an extra 50% off select services for up to four weeks after you enroll.
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