Connect with Free Legal Advice for HR Questions and Issues

This article appeared in the January/February 2022 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

Despite the critical importance of your facilities, materials and logistics, the single most important factor to your overall success will likely always be your people. Which is why MMA offers free answers to important human resource questions through the MMA HR Help Line.

Contacting the MMA HR Help Line connects you to attorneys and professionals at Clark Hill PLC, a global law firm.

Clark Hill has a long history with the MMA. In fact, they incorporated the MMA back in 1902. Since then, their expertise has grown to include most areas of law, from labor negotiations and National Labor Relations Board work to workplace safety and employment regulations, discrimination claims, and more.

How it Works

“Any MMA member can call in or e-mail us with a labor or employment question,” says William Moore, Attorney at Clark Hill. “If it’s something quick and easy, we go ahead and answer it. If it’s something that’s more involved and could be a legal case, we advise them of that and suggest that they go out and retain legal counsel.”

For Moore and Clark Hill, this isn’t about drumming up business for themselves. “We’re here to provide a service to the MMA, as one of our longest clients,” says Moore. “I think we’ve handled two cases in the past 13 years from the MMA HR Help Line — mostly because we usually resolve issues in real time over the phone.”

Typical Questions Asked

Though questions can be about anything, most are from HR professionals. According to Moore, inquiries will typically start with an HR rep who needs more information and/or counsel on making personnel changes.

Given the times, Moore says they are fielding many COVID-19-related questions such as whether they can keep out vendors who haven’t been vaccinated or asking for guidance on internal vaccination policies.

Most HR professionals know they need to get a lawyer involved if an employee claims discrimination or goes to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, there are many other situations where they just need some guidance that is backed by legal knowledge.

Worth the Peace of Mind

While many HR professionals call for real guidance and advice, many more call to simply confirm what they already know or plan to do. They just want to run their decision by someone with legal knowledge to get an opinion — and that’s fine, too.

Whatever labor or employment-related issue your organization may be wrestling with, it’s worth checking in with the legal professionals that staff the MMA HR Help line for advice and counsel to help protect your company — and your people.

With one call, you can get the human resource-related answers you need with the MMA HR Help Line. If you have a question or issue that you’d like to discuss, log in with your MMA credentials to gain to access to the HR Help Line phone number and e-mail address or contact MMA’s Brenda Nalett at 517-487-8512 or