Core Values Can Evolve With Your Business

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A case study of Amigo Mobility International demonstrates how the company’s core values can help evolve the business.

For Amigo Mobility’s core values, a select group of employees met, looked at a list of corporate buzz words, and picked out which ones to use.

Nine words were selected and released as Amigo’s core values. Words like creative, innovative, passionate, humble and caring.

They were all great words — but did they really resonate with the company?

Were those core values really what Amigo Mobility was, or what we thought we should be?

As we approached our company’s 50th anniversary, we had the realization that we didn’t have to keep our core values — they could evolve with us.

The process of re-writing our core values was organic. They were not written, they were discovered.

We did not find them by talking but by listening:

  • “We must find a better way.
  • “Amigo is more than a family business, we care for our coworkers and customers like family too.”
  • “Even when times were tough — we always paid our bills, took care of the customer, filled service orders, it is important to always do the right thing.”
  • “We plan on being here for many generations to come, when making decisions we look to the next 50 years.”

Today, six years after introducing our new core values at Amigo Mobility, they are organically used in daily conversations, decision making and when hiring. They may evolve again in the future but, for now, they are truly representative of who we are.

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