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MMA partner Praeco Skills specializes in providing talent development for mid-to-high level skilled shop floor occupations such as CNC machinist, Tool & Die maker, machine builder, maintenance technician, process technician, mechatronics technician and more.

Praeco Skills offers customized training solutions for the industry that drives our economy. If you are in the business of making things, Praeco is an integrator of the best-of-the-best training resources and will provide you with tools and strategies for solving the talent shortage at your company. Combining time-tested methods with modern technology, Praeco’s customized approach will ensure you are able to find, train and retain top-end talent for years to come.

“Cameron Tool has partnered with Praeco Skills for many years to provide onsite training to our employees. Praeco brings to our next generation CNC Machinists and Tool & Die Makers the opportunity to work on projects together that help develop communication, team building, and process development skills that they can put to work right away. Praeco provides an effective way for employees to grow with a company that combines on-the-job training and classroom instruction.”

Carey Combs-Oberlin, HR Manager
Cameron Tool Company, Lansing

Talent on Purpose

Praeco Skills has developed a proprietary model that allows you to assess the health of your talent value stream. Do you have a sufficient recruiting pipeline? Are you using a well-defined training program to develop your team? Are your employees engaged and committed to your company for the long term? The Talent On Purpose model provides you a score, then a "road map" to start proactively addressing your talent value stream using industry best-practices. To support the development of your talent value stream, Praeco Skills offers fractional talent management services using our proven systems.

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Customized Training Programs

Effective training is a process. It is not just a class or a series of classes. Effective training program development involves the ability to look at past successes, current trends and future needs to create a process of employee development that will sustain your company for a generation.

The most effective training programs are built from the ground floor. Praeco Skills uses scientifically proven methods for developing fully customized training programs that are 100% value-added. They work with your people to create a program using your processes, software and equipment that will serve as the talent development foundation for years to come.

Standard Courses

Praeco Skills offers a variety of standard courses across dozens of topics that are designed to develop the whole worker, both technical and personal. Courses are offered onsite, via live webinar and on-demand online.

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