Customized Workers’ Comp Insurance Features Safety Recommendations

This article appeared in the Sep/Oct 2023 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

In the manufacturing sector alone, more than 20,000 non-fatal workplace injuries occurred in 2021, nearly 12,000 of which required the employees to take time off work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While workers’ compensation insurance can help protect employers and workers, prevention and remediation are key to reducing workplace injuries in the first place. Through MMA’s partnership with the Novi-based Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company (MTMIC), MMA members receive a 3 percent discount for workers’ compensation, a dividend program, as well as numerous consultancy services and resources.

MTMIC provides on-site analyses to help clients identify issues that may lead to injuries, and the consultants provide remediation and injury prevention guidance, says Megan Brown, MTMIC’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

MTMIC and MMA offer discounted workers’ comp coverage along with numerous consulting services and resources. Members get:

  • On-site safety presentations
  • Face-to-face claims reviews
  • Claims management

  • Access to training videos and programs, some of which are required by MIOSHA
  • 24/7 online claims filing with automated claims alerts
    • Competitive rates with flexible payment options

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“Every single one of our customers is assigned one of our Loss Control Consultants,” she says. “They tour your facility and make recommendations in terms of any hazards and potential injuries that could occur in the facility.”

Without the need to hire additional consultants or pay additional fees, MMA members can therefore implement preventative measures to reduce workplace injuries, leading to a reduction in downtime and associated costs.

Brown says that one trend they are seeing is an increase in injuries among newly hired employees. Industry leaders believe this may be due to businesses’ lack of time and resources to fully train new hires according to MIOSHA standards.

“Not only do we do a workplace survey, but we also provide training videos and documents so that our customers can train their staff and accomplish what MIOSHA requires of them,” Brown says.

Another issue MTMIC’s consultants have noticed is based on required electronic reporting of occupational injuries.

“We remind our policyholders every year of this requirement so that none of them receive a fine, which currently ranges from $300 to $1,400,” Brown says. “MIOSHA Form 300A needs to be uploaded no later than March 2 of every year if the company has between 20 and 250 employees and is in a high-hazard industry.”

Some insurance providers require that businesses have a certain premium level before they can obtain Loss Control service, but the size of premiums doesn’t matter with coverage through MTMIC, which is a monoline workers’ compensation insurance company.

“Since we specialize in workers’ compensation, we customize programs more to the insured,” Brown says.

MMA members who choose MTMIC for workers’ compensation coverage receive a 3 percent discount, with no cap and no ceiling. As companies grow with MTMIC, the discount grows as well, Brown says, adding that the average savings for MMA members is $1,100.

Another notable benefit is the fact that MTMIC pays dividends back to policyholders.

“Over the past nine years, we’ve averaged between 19.7 and 30 percent in terms of returns we give back to policyholders,” Brown says. “We paid back over $34 million to our policyholders, including $6.7 million to MMA members since we became MMA’s designated carrier in 2018. That’s an average of $1,254 per member.”

For more information about MTMIC’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage, see Member Benefits or contact MMA’s Brenda Nalett at 517-487-8512 or