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Supporting pro-manufacturing legislators promotes pro-manufacturing solutions

This article appeared in the Jan/Feb 2023 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

As we reflect on the impacts of the previous year, we want to express our deepest gratitude for steadfast member support of the MMA-Political Action Committee. Member contributions have made a tangible impact on the success of our advocacy initiatives.

We are excited to share our detailed End-of-Year Report with you, highlighting our achievements, challenges and the impact of your support.

2023 Key Legislative Highlights:
  1. Successful Opposition: The MMA-PAC led a vocal and influential opposition against legislation that, if passed, would have imposed unrealistic mandates on our manufacturing community. Your support enabled us to champion the cause of reliable baseload generation and competitive prices.
  2. Coalition Building: We collaborated with the Great Lakes Growth Coalition and other business groups to amplify our voice on critical issues, hosting press conferences, testifying in committees and making our stance known in the media.
  3. Advocacy and Resilience: Our unwavering advocacy has positioned us as a formidable force, ensuring that the voice of Michigan’s manufacturing sector is heard and respected.

Thank you for being an integral part of the MMA-PAC community. We look forward to your continued support and working hand in hand to shape the future of Michigan’s manufacturing landscape.

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