Event Credit for Premium Associate Members

What is the $500 Event Credit?
Included in your Premium Associate membership is a $500 credit for event registration to provide you increased access to informative events and networking opportunities. If you aren’t yet a Premium member, contact MMA to learn about upgrading.

Who is eligible to use the Event Credit?
MMA memberships are company-based and this is a company-wide event credit. Anyone from a Premium Associate Member company may utilize this benefit.

What events can the credit be used for?
Your Event Credit can be used for nearly any MMA event (see the event registration page for “Use Your Premium Associate Event Credit for this event.”) MMA does partner with other organizations to bring you relevant educational programs; the Event Credit cannot be used for partnered programs.

How do I use my company’s Event Credit? 
Call Sarah Martin, MMA’s Event Concierge, at 517-487-8521 for personalized assistance to register utilizing the credit. Your Event Credit cannot be used for online registration.

How long do I have to use my Event Credit?
Your Event Credit is valid for your membership year. It will not carry over into the following membership year. A new $500 Event Credit will be issued when your Premium Associate membership renewal is paid in full.

How do I receive the Registrant List?
As part of your Premium Associate membership you will receive a registrant list for each event you participate in. This will be available to you at the Registration Desk the day of the event.

Contact Elizabeth Maciejewski at 517-487-8542 or