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Would you be surprised to know that alcohol-related injuries in the workplace cost American employers and insurers an estimated $63 billion last year? What’s more, nearly half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol, leading to 200,000 injuries and 500 deaths each year.

While many of us are able to enjoy alcohol responsibly away from work, some employers have struggled to enforce a zero-
tolerance policy in the workplace, resulting in loss of productivity, injuries and even deaths.

The SOBRsafe Solution

Enter emerging growth SOBRsafe — a company that is having a game-changing impact on workplace safety with a new touch-based alcohol screening technology. Based in Colorado, SOBRsafe recently established its sales leadership and supply chain management (including manufacturing) in Michigan, and is looking to significantly enhance workplace safety for manufacturing employers statewide.

Featuring instantaneous results and powerful analytics, SOBRsafe accurately detects the presence of alcohol through a simple, non-invasive and hygienic finger touch — no blood, no saliva, no breathing into any kind of device. These results enable employers to uniformly and objectively manage their current alcohol policy, and prevent alcohol-related catastrophes on our roads and in the workplace before they happen.

“We looked at the statistics and determined that there is a massive issue with alcohol consumption out in the workplace, especially in manufacturing, warehousing and last mile commercial fleets,” says Dave Gandini, Chairman and CEO of SOBRsafe.

“We thought, ‘what if we could help employers avoid alcohol-related drains on the business, instead of simply reacting to them after the fact?’ And that’s exactly what SOBRsafe is doing,” he added.

Significant Insurance Savings

Create an alcohol-free work environment and you’ll do more than improve safety and productivity. You’ll also cut down on liability, which can reduce insurance premiums in a big way.

“Insurance companies understand that, on average, about 17 percent of people are affected by alcohol while working — due to either binging the night before or drinking on the job,” says Michael Watson, Chief Revenue Officer and EVP of Sales & Marketing. “They also know that 47 percent of workplace injuries are linked to alcohol.”

The result? Sizeable premiums to cover the inevitable costs of alcohol-related accidents.

SOBRsafe wants to change that paradigm. Recently, they completed a successful field test with an Amazon last mile delivery company to scan drivers before and after their shifts to document that everyone has been alcohol-free during the entirety of their daily route.

“Using a secure cloud-based portal, we’ve been able to prove definitively that our delivery client is operating a 100 percent alcohol-free work environment,” says Watson. By doing that, a SOBRsafe customer is able to take advantage of discounts, up to 25 percent each, on workers’ comp, fleet, general liability and umbrella policies. As an example, a Michigan employer recently received a $257,000 annual insurance discount by integrating SOBRsafe’s safety solution.

Reducing injuries. Increasing productivity. Saving lives — and saving on insurance premiums. SOBRsafe is using its proprietary, touch-based alcohol detection technology to make these and other benefits a reality for employers, workforces and communities everywhere.

A touch of prevention. A ton of good.

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